‘America’s Got Talent’ Wows Judges With Amazing Foot Juggler

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This week on America’s Got Talent, the judges saw something they had never seen before. A woman came onto the show to show off her talent, and she had the judges amazed and the fans on their feet by the end. This came courtesy of Helen Wonjila, a woman who goes by the name of Helen the Foot Juggler.

Here is what you need to know about Helen the Foot Juggler on America’s Got Talent.

Helen The Foot Juggler Impresses America’s Got Talent Judges

The America’s Got Talent judges didn’t know what to expect when Helen the Foot Juggler came out onto the stage. She introduced herself as a single mother from San Diego and said she wanted to win so she could work in Las Vegas on a residency while her daughter Amari went to school.

Helen the Foot Juggler On America's Got Talent | YouTube
Helen the Foot Juggler On America’s Got Talent | YouTube

When she finished her routine, the judges were all impressed. Sofia Vergara even said that she thought it would be boring and was entertained throughout the performance. “I could have kept watching what you were doing, Sofia said. “You could have juggled for me for a whole hour, and I would have been super happy.”

Heidi Klum agreed with the assessment and said, “We have not seen anything like this before quite like the way you do it. Imagine all the crazy things that you could be juggling in the next round.”

Howie Mandel said that they love to see new things on the show, and that happened here. He said, “You have incredible showmanship and strength and balance. I think your career is about to take off.”

Simon Cowell finished up by saying that he had never seen anything like that before. He then said that seeing her and her daughter, he knows how much this all means to her. In the end, Heidi got four yes votes.

Who Is Helen The Foot Juggler?

Helen the Foot Juggler from America’s Got Talent is a former Ethiopian gymnast who went on to China on a scholarship, one of several championship gymnasts worldwide invited to study there. She learned after arriving that it was a circus scholarship, not a gymnastic one. This is how she learned the art of foot juggling.

Helen bought into the new role and went to Germany to continue her new circus career and then to the Middle East. A safari park in San Diego hired her and several other Ethiopian gymnasts, and she now lives there full-time as a mother to little Amari. She has continued to perform at things like half-time shows for NBA and hockey games.

What are your thoughts on Helen the Foot Juggler on America’s Got Talent? Do you think she deserved to move on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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