’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Slam James For Being Selfish With Tatha

James and Meitalia

90 Day Fiance fans have slammed James for being selfish when it comes to Tatha. The two of them are a new couple on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. However, it seems that James may not be making the best impression on viewers. There was a lot of people had to say when it came to James and his relationship with Tatha. Keep reading to find out more.

James And Tatha

Fans got to see a new couple on the show, James and Tatha. James lives in Maine and Tatha is from Indonesia. The two of them got married and Tatha moved to Maine to be with her husband. However, during her time there, she got really sick. She explained to fans that she was sick all of the time. Tatha went to several doctors, but they kept “bouncing her around”. As a couple, they decided to move back to Indonesia to take care of her health. However, James let Tatha know that they could not take their dog with them at the moment. She was emotional about this. Fans are curious as to how her health is now that she is back in her home country.


Fans Are Not Too Happy With Him

Fans are not the happiest with James. They think he is being selfish. 

  • “I agree I don’t believe the medical excuse… I think she didn’t like to live in Maine and be all alone. He’s a jerk for doing/telling everyone things at the last minute… Grow up. She is lying to him about the job in Indonesia….”
  • “Tatas diagnosis is homesickness/depression. I bet all her symptoms went away when she got home. Depression has physical symptoms for sure.”
  • “The guy is so full of crap about the dog. There is no problem with that dog getting there as long as it has had its extensive veterinarian visits. It usually takes a couple to a few weeks to complete those things. The vaccination should be up to date just as a matter of course. “
  • “He told her that they would just kill the dog when they got there, which is a lie.”


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It seems that fans think he is being selfish. This is due to the fact that he hasn’t updated anyone on Tatha’s health. However, fans think she was only sick because she was depressed and missed home. James agreed to move with her back to Indonesia. They were not able to take their dog, JoJo, and this upset Tatha immensely. What do you think about their relationship? Sound off in the comments below.

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