‘Yellowstone’ Emotional Premiere, John Dutton Dies?

Pictured: Kevin Costner as John Dutton Photo: Emerson Miller for Paramount

Yellowstone is coming back for its final episodes. It has been a long wait for the final episodes of Season 5. It took so long that the show lost its main star, Kevin Costner, who wouldn’t keep waiting for it to start filming, which it finally did this year. However, one star said that fans should be ready to bring some tissues to the premiere.

Here is what Ian Bohen said about the upcoming slate of final episodes.

Ian Bohen Tells Yellowstone Fans To Bring Tissues

Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan on Yellowstone, is excited to see the show return to Paramount+ for its final episodes. However, in a recent Instagram post, Ian said it is almost time, and fans need to know what to expect when the series begins.

Ian Bohen in Yellowstone | YouTube
Ian Bohen in Yellowstone | YouTube

“Clear your calendar. Grab your tissues. Send the youngins off to your sisters house. It’s gonna get real western around here,” Ian wrote with the promo that revealed the final return date premiere.

The promo that he showed in the post didn’t have any footage, but it showed the logo with some fire. The important thing is that Ian says that fans will see something emotional when the show returns. It sounds like something tragic is going to happen, and that could include the death of John Dutton

Will John Dutton Die In Yellowstone?

The idea that Yellowstone fans will need tissues for the premiere of the final episodes looks bad for Kevin Costner’s John Dutton. With Costner not returning, it is almost assured that John Dutton will end up dying.


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When Costner first took a break from the show, he said he was willing to come back in for a few days to create scenes for his character to die to explain his absence. However, that offer was criticized by people who said Costner only wanted to work limited days. In reality, he just wanted to ensure the character got a good conclusion.

It clearly never happened, as Costner said he wasn’t coming back for the final episodes, which started filming a short time ago. Costner also said he wouldn’t be involved with the franchise in any way at all in the future. This means Taylor Sheridan had to find a way to remove Dutton from the storyline, which means he needs to die.

It sounds like that might happen as the premiere of the final part of Season 5 begins. The return date is November 10, 2024, on Paramount+.

What are your thoughts about the Yellowstone return and the possibility of John Dutton’s death? What do you want to see in the final episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. I like him being on the show but if they can’t work it out make the show work without him I always said the young actor of John Dutton could fill the roll

  1. Yellowstone was and I mean was the absolute most fantastic show I’ve ever enjoyed. All the characters in the show have an important part and must be all put together to make it work. If John Dutton dies it will put a dark cloud over the entire series. Better idea. Have him to be believed “taken out” then in the final moments of the last episode see him enjoying a ride in a horse that looks like the one that died earlier to be joined by the former governor of Montana!!

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