‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Spills Truth On Ex Cheating, Calling Her ‘C-Word’

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RHONJ star Teressa Giudice is spilling the truth about her ex-husband, Joe Giudice cheating on her. Furthermore, she is addressing the time that he allegedly called her the “c-word” on camera. So, what is the truth and has she ever gotten confirmation he was unfaithful? Keep reading for more details.

RHONJ Teresa Giudice Spills Truth On Ex Cheating, Calling Her ‘C-Word’

Teresa Giudice went through a lot with her ex-husband, Joe Giudice. The two were married for twenty years and had four daughters together. Yet, it appeared that he had been unfaithful and then, they both ended up in prison. She went in first for fraud and then, upon her release, Joe headed in for a significantly longer time. This was done so one parent would be home to tend to the girls. Though they hoped he would be able to come home when his sentence was over, that did not happen as he was not a citizen.

Teresa Giudice And Joe Giudice's Marriage [Credit: YouTube]
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This led to the couple splitting and him now living in the Bahamas. She has since remarried Luis Ruelas who rubs many the wrong way. Though her girls supposedly love him and they are in a love bubble, some believe that he is stealing her money and draining her dry. Yet, there have been lingering questions about her first marriage to Joe. According to Reality Blurb!, Teresa was on Carlos King’s Reality with the King podcast and she was candid about what went down when they were married.

It seems Joe Giudice never confessed to cheating on Teresa Giudice during their time together:

“And I still ask him till today, I’m like, ‘Just tell me f*cker.’ And he doesn’t tell me… He still denies till today. Do I believe him? No. I don’t believe him. I’m like, ‘Just admit it, we’re divorced now.’ I’m f*cking somebody else.”

Now, what about the time Joe called her the “c-word” and it was caught on camera? She admits she did not think it happened and blamed it on editing. However, Andy Cohen quickly let her know the truth:

“Andy Cohen called me. This is the thing: You know when you’re with your partner, you know what you guys call each other, you guys call each other names. I’m like, ‘My husband’s never called me the C-word.’ … I’m like, ‘You guys edited that in.’ They’re like, ‘Teresa, no we didn’t.’ So Andy Cohen called me. He’s like, ‘Teresa, I watched it. Nobody edited that in. Your husband said it.’”

Teresa admittedly was so mad that Joe had to sleep on the couch for two weeks. Yet, she maintains that he was just as upset as he had never called her that word to her face.

Not A Woman

Though it did appear he was speaking to a woman when Joe Giudice said those words, Teresa Giudice shared that it was a co-worker and not a female. She also noted that Luis Ruelas does not speak like that and is not the type to curse. More so, the two waited four months to be intimate with one another. A lot had to do with the pandemic and not having sleepovers. This time many have made their relationship even more solid because she claims that they are very happy. Her kids still have a great relationship with their dad even though he lives in the Bahamas. So, it is one big happy family.

Do you believe that Joe was unfaithful as well? Finally, what did you make of him calling her the “c-word”? Let us know your thoughts and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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