‘Price Is Right’ Fans Demand Answers After Latest Episode

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right

Fans of The Price Is Right have been left feeling a bit confused and irritated after an abrupt schedule change. Like many other shows, it has started its summer break, but there was no warning for fans. So, none of them expected to see what they did when they tuned in. Here is when you can expect The Price Is Right to return to its regular schedule, plus details on what will be airing instead of new episodes.

What Is Happening With The Price Is Right?

On Monday, the network aired a rerun of the beloved game show. Drew Carey walked on stage in a wrestling costume and the announcer informed the audience and viewers at home that they were celebrating Halloween. The episode was first aired in October 2023.

Because the rerun was airing in July, many fans were immediately confused about why they would be celebrating Halloween before they realized it was an older episode.

“What is happening on The Price is Right?” one viewer asked on X. They shared a snapshot of Drew Carey in his Halloween costume, questioning why they would be celebrating Halloween. “Price is Right seems to be doing a wrestling theme today,” another viewer chimed in.

Drew Carey Halloween costume - YouTube/The Price Is Right
YouTube/The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right is currently on hiatus for the rest of the summer before it kicks off Season 53 in the fall. However, it didn’t send viewers off without some excitement before the summer break.

Price Is Right Will Return Later This Year

During Season 52, Drew Carey shared that he experienced a “first” on the game show. At the beginning of the Fourth of July episode, one of the players, Vintanya, guessed the exact dollar amount of the price of a grill. Fellow competitor Joseph guessed the price was $2,000 and Vintanya placed the price at just $1 less.

The Price Is Right host was stunned to see that Vintanya’s guess was correct. As it turned out, her guess was exactly the price of the grill. Drew admitted this was the first time he’d ever seen that happen during his tenure on the show.

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey
The Price Is Right: Drew Carey

“Can I just tell you, my whole career here at Price Is Right… you’re the first one to go a dollar under and get the exact bid,” he told the contestant. Then, he handed her $500 for guessing the exact amount and she kept playing. Vintanya went on to win a brand-new Buick SUV as well.

There were several other surprising moments on The Price Is Right before the show went on break. Viewers got to see a perfect spin on the wheel and many prizes were won in the most recent episodes.

For now, fans can expect reruns of the game show all this week and throughout August. Season 53 is slated to premiere sometime in September.

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  1. I knew the “regular” season was coming to an end they are usually off for the summer ! When the reruns started, last week(or the week before) drew even said, “ welcome to the 1st episode” of 2024 ! It’s common knowledge for shows to take summers off !!

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