Nia And Danny Booko Slam Jax Taylor For Spreading Lies

Nia and Danny Booko

Nia and Danny Booko are not happy with Jax Taylor. Jax was spreading lies about their marriage, upsetting them both. However, the two of them are willing to have a conversation. They let their fans know that they were not happy with the comments he had made. Jax is known to do what he wants regardless of who he is going to hurt. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Jax Taylor In Trouble Of His Own

Jax does not have the best history. Viewers saw Jax and Brittany take a break from their marriage. However, Jax now claims that they are trying to work it out. Fans do not know what to believe until they hear it from Brittany herself. However, when his marriage was falling apart, he threw some shade at his costar’s marriage. A fan commented:

 “Sorry @mrjaxtaylor I genuinely love you and Britt, but I want to cry every time I see these [two].”

This was referring to Nia and Danny Booko. However, Jax replied with a snarky comment.

“Will see how this goes.”

Danny and Nia are not happy about this and the other things he has said about their marriage.

Jax Taylor-Instagram
Jax Taylor-Instagram

Nia And Danny Booko Are Not Happy

Danny and Nia Booko did not come out and say it was Jax Taylor they were talking about. However, it does not make sense for it to be anyone else. Danny had some things to say about the situation. 

“One of whom you thought was your closest friends on there, trying to stir stuff up and insinuate things that aren’t true. And try to stir the pot, which he thinks is for the show, but it is blatant lies. It’s hurtful. And friends don’t do that. We need to have that conversation. I would like to have that conversation that may happen on season 2. But I hope it happens before, because I don’t like conflict. I don’t like feeling this way. I don’t like what he’s doing and putting out there right now. It isn’t cool. It’s not just me but it’s about our marriage.”


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It seems that even though they did not say it was Jax, it is pretty clear that it was about him. Jax is known to say things he shouldn’t. So, maybe he will apologize for spreading rumors about their marriage. it could have been Jax deflecting onto another marriage since his was falling apart. However, Danny hopes they can talk it out before they start filming for Season 2 of The Valley. What do you think about this? Sound off in the comments below.

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