‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff’s Furbaby, Lucy, Rushed To Hospital

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Matt Roloff shared a story about a scary experience with his furbaby, Lucy, yesterday. The LPBW star took to social media to share what happened with his pup and why he had to rush her to the emergency vet. Continue reading to see what happened and find out if Lucy is okay.

Matt Roloff’s Pup Lucy Rushed To The Animal Hospital

The Little People Big World star shared a few photos of his small dog, Lucy, on Instagram yesterday. In the photos, you can see that Lucy was at the vet receiving some kind of treatment. Matt’s small white dog looked scared but stoic sitting on top of the exam table.

In the caption, Matt Roloff shared what happened with Lucy to send them rushing to the animal hospital. “A huge Thank you to my dear friends @akayancy Bill and Char who are Lucy’s caretakers,” he began.

LPBW Matt Roloff's dog Lucy - Instagram
Instagram/Matt Roloff

“Apparently Lucy had a very bad reaction to a gnarly bee sting… Thankfully they got her on an IV for anaphylactic shock just in time,” the LPBW star wrote. “Gonna get back to Oregon early to make sure she has all her support system on hand.”

Fans swiftly took to the comment section to share their well wishes for Matt and Lucy. “Oh poor Lucy! I hope she is going to be ok,” one person wrote. Others let the Little People Big World star know that they were praying for the pup’s recovery.

How Is The LPBW Star Spending His Retirement?

Recently, Matt Roloff shared with fans what he is planning to do in his retirement. In an Instagram caption, he shared a conversation between himself and his wife Caryn Chandler. They went back and forth about how Matt was choosing to spend his time.

During their chat, Matt revealed that he had a project that he intended to work on in his retirement. Apparently, the LPBW star came across a collection of old photos that he wanted to organize. The snapshot he shared on Instagram was a photo of the old family treehouse.

In the caption, he recalled when the tree that the house was in blew apart in a storm. They wound up having to cut it down, and the treehouse went with it. “My kids played, slept and ate lunch up in that treehouse almost every day growing up. What a fabulous memory!” he recalled.


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Rather than continuing to sort through photos, Matt Roloff decided to join Caryn in the pool to cool off from the hot Arizona summer.

The future of LPBW is still uncertain. TLC has not yet confirmed whether or not it will be renewed for Season 26. However, several members of the family have expressed that they have lost interest in filming for the series.

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