‘Love Island USA’ Did Daia Really Comment On Odell Beckham’s IG?

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Did Love Island USA contestant Daia McGhee really comment on Odell Beckham Jr.’s Instagram prior to coming on the show? This came up during the Monday, July 8th, 2024 episode when the Islanders were competing in a challenge. It made Daia livid and hurt as she claimed this never happened but is she lying? Keep reading for more details.

Love Island USA Daia Called Out For Commenting On Odell’s Socials

Daia McGhee started out as a tempting bombshell over at Casa Amor on Love Island USA. There, she caught the eye of Kordell Beckham who was romancing Serena Page back at the Villa. Yet, they had some problems as she only liked him when they were friends. Then, he respected her space, and that made her want him even more. So, they would start cuddling again and rekindle whatever flame was there. However, Daia gave him the attention and physical touch he so desperately wanted and needed.

Kordell Beckham-YouTube
Kordell Beckham-YouTube

When he returned to the Villa, Serena remained single, hoping Kordell would be alone. Unfortunately for her, he brought Daia back with him from Casa and she lost her mind. She wanted nothing to do with him but Kordell was still torn between the two women. When they had their challenge on the Monday, July 8th episode, it was all about social media. The Islanders read tweets that had come in from the outside world and one said:

“I can’t stand Daia especially after seeing those tweets about how she was all in Odell Beckham Jr.’s comments. She came to the villa with a plan and Kordell’s dumb ass fell for it throwing all the morals he claimed he was going to have before entering casa.”

Kordell is the brother of Odell Beckham Jr. who is a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins. Odell also just ended a relationship with Kim Kardashian so this seemed very sketchy.


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According to Us Weekly, fans started to do some digging to see if they could find Daia’s comments. After all, she vehemently denied ever doing that and claimed she was legitimately there for Kordell. She did say that she had an ex who went to eat with Odell so she may have liked something of that nature.

Is She Lying?

Daia McGhee says this never happened. She actually said this:

Are you f—king serious? I’ve never done that in my f—king life. I was never. I swear to God. I’ll literally cry. That’s so f—ked up. That’s a f—king lie. That’s actually f—king trash.”

Ultimately, a Love Island USA fan on TikTok found that Daia had left Odell Beckham Jr. two smiling faces with heart-eyes emojis on an Instagram post. Though someone else believes that they could be Photoshopped in, it seems that there is some element of proof that she is an Odell fan.

Do you think Daia’s intentions are pure or is she there for all of the wrong reasons? Let us know and watch Love Island USA streaming on Peacock.

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