Kody Brown’s Nephew Calls Out Disgusting Disrespect To Christine

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s nephew, Ben Brown is calling out disgusting disrespect aimed at Christine Brown Woolley. She is Kody’s former third wife and the first to leave the plural family. So, what has Ben so frustrated that he had to call out his own family? Keep reading for more details.

Kody Brown’s Nephew Calls Out Disgusting Disrespect To Christine

Ben Brown has been known to never hold back when it comes to his uncle Kody Brown. He will speak his mind and have no remorse. More so, he is still close to his aunts even if they are no longer with Kody and that works for him. Viewers have watched Kody disrespect his wives for many seasons of Sister Wives as well as his children. It was no shock when Christine Brown Woolley finally had enough and threw his stuff out. Then, she made the decision to leave Flagstaff for Utah where she found happiness and love.

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The biggest and saddest holdout was Meri Brown who had been told a plethora of times that there was no love left. She was the last wife to leave with second wife, Janelle Brown following Christine. Now, a video has come out made by Ben Brown where he responds to episodes of Sister Wives. He watched Season 1, episode 4, and had a lot of thoughts which made its way to a Reddit thread. According to the OP, Ben called his uncle out for leaving Christine alone while she was giving birth.

Not only that, but Ben noted that there were a handful of adults yet Christine was all by herself after preaching about how they were a unit. If Kody could not be there, then someone else should have stepped. More so, this was Christine’s first hospital birth and she was likely scared. Finally, Kody Brown was off smooching Robyn, who he was not even married to which was not something Christine liked. Kody said this was something he should not and would not be doing but still, he did it.

Fans Speak Up

So, what did Sister Wives fans have to say after seeing Ben Brown sound off on his uncle Kody Brown? Did they agree that he was utterly disrespectful and did they agree Christine Brown Woolley never should’ve been left alone?

  • To walk away from Christine who was delivering her 6th child? Insane. That can happen so fast
  • You are the only one who has really called out Truelys birth. It breaks my heart that her birth was filmed and aired.
  • That episode broke my heart for Christine. I just wanted to give her a hug.
  • Yeah, Christine being alone isn’t all that shocking, especially now that we have the whole scope of the show.
  • But Cody knew the rules. He chose not to follow them and disrespect Christine.

In the end, the writing was on the wall for Kody and his wives, even before he officially married Robyn. Now, Ben is pulling the curtain back and exposing it all. Do you agree with what Ben is saying? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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