‘Jeopardy!’ Fan Recognizes Champion, Was On Past Game Show

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Isaac Hirsch won his fourth Jeopardy! game in a row on Monday afternoon. After winning $70,186 in his first three wins, he left on Monday with a four-day total of $100,586. With his wins, there are some fans who just realized why Isaac looks so familiar. This wasn’t the first game show that Isaac appeared in.

Here is where fans recognize Isaac Hirsch from before his Jeopardy! winning streak.

Isaac Hirsch Has A Game Show Past Before Jeopardy!

Isaac Hirsch has not only been a great winner on Jeopardy!, but he has also been winning fans over. He has a good sense of humor and always has funny stories. He is the opposite of the last big champion, Drew Basile, who remains polarizing as the former champion.

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His ability to stand in front of a camera and not let it overwhelm him comes from his past as a game show contestant. In a Reddit thread from last Thursday after Isaac’s second win, one Redditor recognized him from another game show. “Not sure if anyone else pointed this out already, but I just realized that he was on The Chase against Buzzy last year,” they wrote.

Last year, in the Season 3 episode, “Most Shocking Rose Ceremony Ever,” Buzzy Cohen competed against three competitors, one of which was Isaac. The three answered many questions correctly, but it was open for Buzzy to answer 14 questions in two minutes to take away their money ($140,000). Buzzy failed and missed out on the prize money.

Fans on Reddit remembered Isaac from that appearance. Isaac even showed up in the thread and spoke with the Redditors. He joked, “They did not let me dress as my true self on The Chase though,” referring to his eclectic clothing choices on Jeopardy!

Isaac also appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire in 2017. He won $5,000 when he missed the $20,000 question.

Isaac Hirsch’s Jeopardy! Performance So Far

Isaac Hirsch has become a Jeopardy! fan favorite, thanks to his sense of humor and his self-depreciation. He is nowhere near as arrogant as someone like Drew Basile, and that has fans cheering for him to keep winning.

After Monday’s win, Isaac Hirsch only needs one more win to qualify for the Tournament of Champions automatically. However, even if he loses on Tuesday, he is eligible for the invite, and with his $100,586 in wins, he has a chance to get the invite even if he falls short in his fifth game.

At the moment, five people have automatic invitations: Lisa Ann Walter (Celebrity Jeopardy! champion), Adrian Harmeyer (15 wins), Drew Basile (7 wins), Alison Betts (5 wins), and Amy Hummel (5 wins).

What are your thoughts on Isaac Hirsch’s performance on Jeopardy! so far? Do you remember him from The Chase? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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