‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Issac Hirsch Claps Back At Haters

Ken Jennings and Issac Hirsch

Jeopardy! champion, Issac Hirsch, has clapped back at haters on social media. Fans are expecting to see Issac around for a while. As of yesterday, he has four consecutive wins on the game show. However, some people do not like something about him. He has stuck up for himself on social media and let them know that they cannot bother him. Keep reading to find out more.

Ken Jennings Gets Slammed For Denying His Answer

Ken Jennings got slammed by fans after he denied one of Issac Hirsch’s answers. There was a question about the Edgar Wright films. Issac clicked the buzzer and answered “Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe”. However, Ken denied this answer as the correct one was “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”. Fans were not happy about this. They started to question if there were legit rules in the show as a host. Some thought he did not accept the answer due to his vibe. Regardless, Issac now has four wins in the book.

Ken Jennings - YouTube/Jeopardy!

Issac Hirsch Claps Back

Issac has some questionable fashion pieces. Fans felt as though he looked like he was from the 70’s. Some fans said things like:

  • “I’m guessing Isaac hit Studio 54 after that show’s taping,”
  • “That current champion looks like a 70s p*rn star,”

However, Issac decided to snap back about his style on social media.

“I went into this with actually pretty low confidence— as a local alternate, I watched seven games get filmed before I taped. And [I] found myself doing terribly in the green room and having trouble with the buzzer in rehearsal. But at this point I have kind of figured the buzzer out and they’re asking about things I’ve heard of, which is very nice of them. We’ll see if I can keep things going next week! The Internet is divided on my love of 70s menswear. Good news for the haters: I am almost out of vintage shirts approved by wardrobe. So if I keep winning, the fits are going to get a lot more subdued. I should also mention my last two shirts were gifts from my stylist/girlfriend.”


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It seems that Issac likes his 70’s style. However, the fans are not loving it like he does. Issac made sure to let fans know that he does not have many more 70’s style outfits that were approved by Wardrobe. So, his style may change a little if he continues to be on the show. This means a lot to him as his father was on the show, but he ended up losing. Did you like Issac’s style? Sound off in the comments below.

Hailee Dent


  1. I think he looks fine & everyone should leave him alone. There have been far worse dressers over the years. He’s interesting & fun to watch, something missing a lot this season.

  2. Issac is just as annoying as drew Basile was ! Both “nerdy no it all’s” who need to go away ! Tell Isaac to quit looking at the camera ! Hoping now that he’s won 5 and will be in TOC, he’ll purposefully lose, like drew did !!

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