Jenn Tran ‘Bachelorette’ Trailer Has Major Error

Jenn Tran from Bachelorette | YouTube

The Bachelorette is back, and the first promo had a comment by Jenn Tran that many fans caught as a huge error. It appears that the network switched out the promo and removed the original line. However, it is something that has many fans of the franchise confused as the first episode airs on Monday night.

Here is what Jenn said that had many fans shaking their heads.

Jenn Tran Makes Confusing Bachelorette comment in promo

Jenn Tran was in a few promos leading into The Bachelorette premiere, and one of the promos had a confusing line by Jenn. While it seemed it was there to add some humor, it ended up being completely wrong. Not only did it confuse fans as to why she said it, it seemed strange the network would release the promo with the line in it.

Jenn Tran from Bachelorette | YouTube
Jenn Tran from Bachelorette | YouTube

Jenn Tran said, “Tonight, I’m gonna meet my future husband. And then 20 other really hot guys, too.” It is unclear when the promo was shot, but there was one problem with what she said. There are 25 men competing for her love this season. This means either she just threw out a number in the promo, or it means four of the guys weren’t hot.

Fans laughed at the mistake and wondered which explanation it was (via U.S. Sun):

  • “Wait.. She only gets 21 men to choose from?”
  • “25 guys. they probably edited this wrong.”
  • “Leaving space for 4 to not be hot”

The idea it was edited wrong is the most likely explanation, as the promo was rereleased the day of the premiere, and the quote now stops with, “Tonight, I’m gonna meet my future husband.” The rest of her statement was edited out of the new promo.

Bachelorette Season 21

Jenn Tran is the new star of The Bachelorette for Season 21. There are 25 new suitors heading to Hummingbird Nest Ranch looking to find love with Jenn by the end.

ABC named Jenn as the new Bachelorette in March. She is the first Asian American Bachelorette. For the honor, Jenn said, “It’s honestly incredible and I feel so, so grateful and so honored to be the first Asian Bachelorette in this franchise” (via NBC News).

Previously, Jenn was a contestant on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor but was sent home during Week 7. The 26-year-old is now guaranteed a chance to find love, as she will pick and choose who stays and who leaves until she is left with her final love.

Jesse Palmer returns to host the new season.

Are you excited about the new season of The Bachelorette? Do you think Jenn Tran is a good choice for the lead this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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