‘Deadliest Catch’: Who Is Captain Sophia ‘Bob’ Nelson?

Sophia ‘Bob’ Nielsen from Deadliest Catch | Discovery, YouTube

Deadliest Catch has a new captain, and fans are getting to know her as she heads into the dangerous waters. A Season 19 rookie, Captain Sophia ‘Bob’ Nelson is the new captain of the F/V Seabrooke. She struggled to start, but she has a chance to prove herself on the show.

Here is what you need to know about Captain Sophia ‘Bob’ Nelson on Deadliest Catch.

Who Is Captain Sophia ‘Bob’ Nelson On Deadliest Catch?

Captain Sophia “Bob” Nielsen was on F/V Victory, but she had some major problems on that boat. The generator blew up and she suffered through a collision on that boat. However, there was a friend there to offer her a second chance. Captain Greg Wallace of F/V Seabrooke offered her a chance with that boat.

Sophia ‘Bob’ Nielsen from Deadliest Catch | Discovery, YouTube
Sophia ‘Bob’ Nielsen from Deadliest Catch | Discovery, YouTube

Sophia “Bob” Nielsen is only 23, and she joined the cast in Deadliest Catch Season 19. Bob is a third-generation fisherwoman who lost both of her parents but swore to keep their memories alive as she captained her own ship. She never had the chance to learn under her father when he was alive, but she wanted to show that she could keep the legacy alive as she grew up.

Her dad, Gary Nielsen, died in 2013 due to heart issues. Bob was 12. He mother died a few years later and she was left with her two brothers, Brett and Brandon.

She learned from Captain Jake Anderson, and she was quick to learn until he lost control of the F/V Saga. She took over with her own boat, the F/V Victory, but that boat had its problems. “I ended up putting in close to 40,000 pounds. But I blew up my big generator, and I got in a collision. I’m in debt $200,000 right now. Which is why I’m trying to home in on my skipper skills and become a better captain.”

Captain Bob Has Something To Prove On Deadliest Catch

Captain Greg Wallace knew Bob’s father, so he helped teach her as much as he could before handing over the F/V Seabrooke to her on Deadliest Catch. However, some crew members are not happy with Bob in the role.

Captain Greg’s daughter, Megan Wallace, has known Bob since their school days. She feels that Bob hasn’t earned this yet, and all captains need to earn their spots. “I had to earn this job. I had to work for him for years and really prove myself. She didn’t have to do the same and she’s already up there,” Megan said. “So, I don’t know. If she’s not ready, she’s not ready” (via Cheat Sheet).

What are your thoughts on Captain Sophia ‘Bob’ Nelson and her role on the F/V Seabrooke on Deadliest Catch? Do you think she is ready for the role? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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