‘Days Of Our Lives’ Fans Not Ready For Bill Hayes’ Final Airdate

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Days of Our Lives fans are not ready for the late Bill Hayes’ final airdate on the long-running soap opera. Though he passed away in January 2024, his last episode has yet to air. Now, the date has been confirmed but viewers do not want to say goodbye to the icon. Keep reading for more details.

Days Of Our Lives Fans Not Ready For Bill Hayes’ Final Airdate

It is never easy when a fan favorite passes away yet they are still a part of the show. Sometimes, they have been gone for some time so it is a tad easier to say that they passed while they were away. Then, an amazing funeral and memorial are put together where the best of the best reunite to honor said actor/actress. Though it is hard, it gives proper closure to the beloved character. Now, it is time for Days of Our Lives fans to officially bid adieu to Bill Hayes aka Doug Williams.

Susan Seaforth Hayes, Bill Hayes-YouTube
Susan Seaforth Hayes, Bill Hayes-YouTube

He had been a part of the show since 1970 and, even when he would leave, he would always find his way back. Furthermore, Bill married his DOOL co-star, Susan Seaforth in 1974. Now, according to The Sun, his final airdate has been revealed but fans are up in arms over it. Not because they are mad but because they are heartbroken to have to say goodbye. According to The Sun, Bill’s final episode will air on Thursday, July 11th, 2024. That being said, fans have expressed their sadness over what is to come.

Days of Our Lives fans immediately had a lot to say and though they knew this time was coming for seven months, it did not make it any easier:

  • I am not ready to say goodbye to Bill Hayes
  • Even though we had months to prepare for Doug(Bill Hayes) last day working and his TV passing, I’m going to cry so hard and long
  • Glad Mr. Hayes lived to play out scenes as Doug in the newly rebuilt Horton House set. A fitting tribute to a wonderful performer. His character’s upcoming funeral will be MUST SEE TV

His Legacy Will Live On

This will not be the last time that fans will get to see Bill Hayes on Days of Our Lives. Rob Carlivati, head writer for the soap, shared that he will very much be a part of the 15K episode. This will air in November 2024 and he assured viewers Bill will not be forgotten in the shuffle. In fact, that milestone will directly revolve around Bill:

“People are aware that Bill Hayes passed away and that ultimately, we would write Doug Williams’ passing into the show and I decided to center our 15,000th episode around that.”

This will undoubtedly be a very special episode as will the July 11th one that cannot and should not be missed by fans. Hopefully, he will get the send-off he truly deserves.

Are you ready to say goodbye or are you just as heartbroken as the day he passed? Let us know in the comments below.

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