‘Big Brother’ Contestant Arrested In Texas

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One of the earlier Big Brother contestants has just been arrested in Texas. Autumn Daly, a member of the second season of Big Brother, was arrested for theft. Here is what you need to know about Autumn and her current legal problems.

Big Brother 2’s Autumn Daly Arrested In Texas For Theft

Autumn Daly was arrested in June in Lewisville, Texas, on an outstanding warrant for theft. It appears that the police have been looking for her, and they finally found her when they tracked her car down to a retail store that she owns called Encore! Encore!

Autumn Daly from Big Brother on IG
Autumn Daly from Big Brother on IG

According to TMZ, the police asked Autumn if she had any warrants, and she admitted that she did. She said that she was working on taking care of the warrants but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. As a result, the police arrested her on the spot.

According to the police reports, the legal charges against Autumn were for property theft of between $30k and $150k. This was for an incident from 2023. Autumn posted a $2,500 bond to get out of jail.

While the police didn’t answer any questions for TMZ, Autumn did respond to their request for comments. “It’s a retaliation attempt on the part of a former business associate who sued me in civil court and lost,” Autumn said. “It won’t stick and I’m in the process of suing them for $500K as well, so best I don’t say anything further.”

Who Is Autumn Daly From Big Brother 2?

Autumn Daly became famous thanks to her appearance on Big Brother 2. In the hit show’s second season, Autumn ended up as the third person booted from the house. She lasted almost three weeks (19 days) that season.

Big Brother's Autumn Daly on IG
Big Brother’s Autumn Daly on IG

Other notable contestants that season included Bunky Miller, Hardy Ames-Hill, Kent Blackwelder, Monica Bailey, and Nicole Nilson Schaffrich. Autumn came in 10th place and was the jury’s second member. She also appeared in one segment in Season 3 the next year. Since that season, she has never appeared on another reality TV show.

Will Kerby won the Season 2. Since that win, Will has gone on to become a huge reality TV star, returning most recently for Big Brother: All-Stars in 2020. He finished in fourth place that season. He has also become a television host and has appeared on The Young and the Restless, Dr. 90210, The Doctors, and The Book of Boba Fett.

Encore! Encore! is a ladies consignment store in Lewisville, Texas, and Autumn took over ownership in March 2024.

Do you have memories of Autumn Daly from Big Brother 2? Are you surprised to see her getting arrested for theft? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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