‘Big Brother 26’ Reveals Theme For New Season

Julie Chen on Big Brother | YouTube

Big Brother 26 has released its theme for the new season. The entire house is colorful and will include AI, which should be polarizing to fans based on the controversies surrounding it in current times. However, BB26 is leaning into it, and it should provide a lot of fun for the current season.

Here is a look at the new theme for BB26.

The New Big Brother 26 Theme

The new theme for Big Brother 26 is Artificial intelligence. While many fans might disagree with the idea, Big Brother has been embracing technological advances on the show for some time.

Big Brother 26 | YouTube
Big Brother 26 | YouTube

During Big Brother 20, the show added a bit of technology with the BB App Store. This was a hacker twist to the competition’s higher-tech themes. The new BB AI theme will also deliver some surprises with unpredictability as the AI designs different things for the Houseguests to deal with.

More so, the show’s main theme will follow the same format that most fans are used to, though. The houseguests will take part in competitions and form alliances while they vote to evict each other along the way. They are all still competing to make it to the final night, where they vie for the $750,000 grand prize.

It is also possible that past players will return in some capacity, as a previous promo teased audio clips from past seasons and former players. This included the voices of Dan Gheesling, Rachel Reilly Villegas, and Xavier Prather.

Big Brother 26 Leaning Into AI

The biggest thing to note about Big Brother 26 is the show’s leaning into AI. This should prove controversial to many viewers who don’t necessarily understand AI and only know what they see on social media and read on the Internet. However, BB26 uses it to increase the unpredictability of the new season.

“From summer camp, to tech, to the multiverse, Big Brother loves to put a twist on topical and pop culture themes,” executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan said (via Us Weekly). “This summer’s ‘BB AI’ theme promises to bring the fun, the comedy and the unexpected game play that is a hallmark of Big Brother.”

Several bedrooms were created with AI prompts. To accomplish this, the BB26 team threw prompts into the BB AI and asked it to create the rooms in brand-new ways. This included prompts like, “futuristic bedroom for the year 2500 fit for five Houseguests.” However, one room (The Have-Not Room) is “only a wireframe skeleton bedroom” after the BB AI crashed while designing it.


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What are your thoughts on the new Big Brother 26 theme? Do you think the BB AI will bring new fun and excitement to the show? Or, is it something you are opposed to for one reason or another? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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