‘Bachelorette’ Viewers Heartbroken Over Early Elimination

'Bachelorette' logo/Credit: ABC YouTube

Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette premiered to high ratings, but some fans were left heartbroken over one early elimination. Keep reading to find out what Bachelor Nation viewers are saying.

Bachelorette Viewers Heartbroken Over Early Elimination

Jenn Tran finally started her journey to hopefully find true love after failing to make a connection with Joey Graziadei. The Season 28 Bachelor alum met 25 men and declared that she knew her future husband was among them.

Jenn Tran at CMA Fest/Credit: ABC Instagram
Jenn Tran at CMA Fest/Credit: ABC Instagram

Jenn quickly formed a connection with a few of her suitors, including the one she gave the First Impression Rose to. But not everyone can get a rose.

She ended up sending a contestant home that many viewers had been rooting for. Brett, a 28-year-old manager from Pennsylvania, drew attention from viewers because he was unlike any other Bachelor Nation contestant in recent memory. Unlike most contestants with jacked bodies and a six-pack, Brett is a bigger guy.

'Bachelorette' contestant Brett/Credit: ABC YouTube
‘Bachelorette’ contestant Brett/Credit: ABC YouTube

Many fans of the franchise praised the show for finally being inclusive of body shapes of all sizes. But it wasn’t to last. Brett was among the suitors who were sent home on the first night.

Heartbroken fans took to the comment section on ABC’s official Instagram for The Bachelorette. Check out some of the comments about Brett’s early elimination.

  • Justice for Brett and I’m SO excited for Jenn!!!!!
  • Idk if I’m going to be able to watch this one. She’s seems cringey and shallow
  • She gave Roses to guys that should have gone home.
  • Justice for Brett
  • Not watching anymore because bretts gone
  • Why didn’t Brett stay???? The only relatable person to 90 percent of the audience
  • Brett deserved more, and Matt!! I wanted to know more about Matt sooooo bad.
  • Y’all not afraid to cast unattractive men (clearly) but only cast one man (Brett) who is outside of your body “norm.” Make it make sense. We need more body diversity.
  • Brett would’ve been my top 5
  • Justice for Brett!!!!!! Representation matters and we need more of it!
  • Please make Brett the next bachelor

Who Else Did Jenn Send Home?

Jenn Tran was not messing around on the first night. She showed she was serious about finding a love match by eliminating a total of seven men, including Brett.

She also sent home Brendan, Dakota, Kevin, Matt, Moze, and Ricky. Whether Brett ends up the next Bachelor remains to be seen since some viewers already have their eye on another of Jenn Tran’s contestants for the role.

Do you think Jenn Tran made a mistake sending Brett home this early in the season? Sound off in the comments.

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