‘American Pickers’ Exposed For Fake Scenes & Filming Secrets

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American Pickers fans are patiently awaiting new episodes. As the new season premiere approaches, information about how the show is produced has been shared. It may come as a shock to some fans to know that much of the History Channel show is actually staged. So, what’s real and what’s fake? Keep reading to find out.

American Pickers Cast Alter Things For Filming

An inside source spoke with The U.S. Sun about production on American Pickers. Oftentimes, the show is filmed inside Mike Wolfe’s Iowa and Nashville antique stores, Antique Archaeology. Many of the items they discover on the show are sold in his shops, but what fans may not realize is that the shop is usually closed when they are filming.

When it comes to the location of filming, the Iowa store is typically favored. “They do film in there,” the source said referring to the Nashville location. “But definitely more the Iowa store. Whenever they film, it’s early in the morning and it might be an hour or two before they open, often times they open late.”

Still of Danielle Colby from 'American Pickers.'

Danielle Colby, who is supposed to be working in the Iowa store, is actually there less often than you think. She is often seen on the show calling Mike, Robbie Wolfe, and “Jersey Jon” Szalay to give them information on their next destination for picking.

According to the insider, “She comes less frequently out of everyone, but she still makes her way up here. She’s a full-time picker now so she’s always on the road.”

Mike Wolfe is the American Pickers star who frequents the store the most at one to two times per month.

It was previously revealed that Danielle Colby is living in Puerto Rico. When it comes to filming for the History Channel show, she travels back and forth. “Danielle is only usually here for filming. She’s a picker now and she lives in Puerto Rico so she comes back and forth just for that,” a separate source revealed. 

What Are The American Pickers Cast Up To?

New episodes of American Pickers were filmed in the spring. Mike Wolfe and the rest of the crew have been sharing the details of their travels on social media. On Instagram, the American Pickers star shared that the new installment of the History Channel would air sometime in October.

All of the current cast and crew have signed on for another three years on American Pickers, but each of them is staying busy when they’re not filming.

As mentioned above, Danielle Colby is living in Puerto Rico where she runs her own burlesque business. Mike has become somewhat of a real estate mogul in Tennessee. He has bought several properties in Columbia, Tennessee, and is working to bring new life back into the small town.


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So far, he has spent millions on properties in the area, with his most recent purchase being $400,000 on a 1,240-square-foot property in December 2023.

“The project is costing $93 million. The town is happy Mike is taking this on to help bring new life to Columbia,” a source in the town said. “The town is changing rapidly. It’s a change that is welcomed by some citizens but shunned by others in the community.”

You can stream the previous season of American Pickers on Prime Video.

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