‘Alaskan Bush People’ Ami Brown Gets Unexpected Surprise

Ami Brown from Alaskan Bush People / IG

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown is not as prolific on social media as other members of her family. However, she took the time recently to check in with fans to let them know about some things that have been happening up at her home on the ranch in Washington. She even had Gabe along for the video.

Here is what Ami had to say to her ABP fans about what is happening right now.

Ami Brown Reveals Surprise For Alaskan Bush People Fans

Ami Brown released a video for her Alaskan Bush People fans to show them some problems that are happening at her home lately. Apparently, there have been some big weather problems in Washington, and Ami took her phone and recorded her discussion about what happened.

Ami Brown - Instagram
Ami Brown | Instagram

Ami Brown began her video by holding her phone and talking to the fans while Gabe stood behind her. She said the winds around her Washington home have been terrible, blowing down trees and spreading them across the roads.

Ami said she was driving into town to pick up some supplies when she was stopped dead in her tracks as trees were blown across the roads, blocking her in. She said she was lucky because she had her son Gabe with her. Gabe stood behind her, shirtless and holding his brother’s ax.

Ami said they needed to use the ax to chop the trees into pieces to clear them from the roadway. Some fans in the comments pointed out that this would be a great opportunity to get some firewood for the upcoming Washington winter.

  • “Wonderful children that love their mom and have a helping hand”
  • “Plenty of firewood for winter this year I’m thinking. As long as your all safe and well that’s just an inconvenience or as I like to say God’s work out plan to keep you fit.”
  • “It looks like there are several others that need to come down, I see some firewood in the making.”

What Happened To Alaskan Bush People?

The last Alaskan Bush People episode aired in December 2022. Since that time, there has been no word on a new season.

If Discovery wanted a new season, there has been plenty of things happening that could make for good television. Rain seems to have a new boyfriend, and she has had her gold-mining dreams. Bear and Raiven have been together after a rough patch and have a new baby on the way. Noah has the island he bought and was planning on fixing up.

However, there has been no word on a new season, and it seems like nothing is coming anytime soon, so fans will have to deal with only social media videos to keep up with the Brown family.

What are your thoughts on Ami Brown and the small videos she makes to keep Alaskan Bush People fans updated on her life? Isn’t it great that she has Gabe there to help her when she needs it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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