‘Unexpected’ Myrka Cantu Reveals Gender Of Baby #3

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Unexpected alum Myrka Cantu is revealing the gender of baby number three with her partner, Juan. They already have a daughter together, Axelia who joined big sister, Attalie. Now, the duo is expecting their second baby, her third. So, will it be a boy or a girl? Keep reading to find out all of the exciting details.

Unexpected Myrka Cantu Reveals Gender Of Baby #3

In June 2024, Myrka Cantu shared that she and her partner, Juan were expecting their second baby together. She already has a daughter, Attalie from her teenage romance with Ethan Ybarra which was featured on Season 4 of Unexpected. That situation did not go the way Myrka hoped as her mother was furious so she had to find another place to live. She moved in with Ethan and his family, who embraced her while she was pregnant. Things went very well even after Attalie was born but Ethan’s parents split up so the young couple had to do things on their own.

Myrka Cantu, Ethan Ybarra/Unexpected/YouTube
Myrka Cantu, Ethan Ybarra-YouTube

They ended up splitting, Myrka reconciled with her mother and navigated life as a single parent. She did end up graduating and met Juan. Myrka became pregnant with their first child and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in January 2023. Ethan has since been in some legal trouble while Myrka continues to embrace being a mother and apparently a wife. Now, she and Juan have announced they are expecting another baby. She is only around ten to eleven weeks but she has done her gender reveal.

According to @tlc.unexpectedteaa, Myrka Cantu is having a baby boy. She announced with white and royal blue balloons along with a sporty teddy bear. Silver balloons spelled out: “IT’S A BOY.” Many fans and even her daughter thought it would be a boy but she was unsure. Now, she is adding some testosterone to her group of girls. Myrka has faced a lot of backlash for not being able to drink but being on her third child but she is unfazed.

Fans Celebrate

After Unexpected fans learned that Myrka Cantu was having her first boy, they were so excited for her. Immediately, they rushed to the comment section to let her know how they felt:

  • I knew it! And glad she’s happy since she had said she only wanted girls lol.
  • Aww I knew it
  • Congratulations @myr.ka1612 I can’t wait to hear his name! And I’m hoping he’s born with lots of cute hair!

In another post, Myrka can be seen in a black dress, lovingly kissing the boy teddy bear. So, even if she wanted girls, she seems to be embracing her boy-mom era.


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Did you guess that she was having a boy? Let us know your thoughts and watch Unexpected Mondays on TLC.

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