Tom Schwartz Reveals Where He And Katie Maloney Stand Now

Tom Schwartz

Tom Schwartz has revealed where he and Katie Maloney currently stand. The two got divorced a couple of years ago. Since then, fans have seen the two have a decent relationship. However, things may have changed. Tom let fans know how their relationship is going as of now. This happened at a brunch that he and Jax Taylor hosted. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Tom Schwartz And Katie Maloney Split

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney got divorced a couple of years ago. Their marriage had a lot of ups and downs. The two argued a lot. However, they also had their good times. Ever since the divorce, Tom has said nothing but good things about Katie. He makes sure everyone knows that he does not regret marrying her and that he enjoyed their time together. Katie has said the same. Some feel as though Tom has only dismissed Katie’s feelings and has never understood her. However, other fans love that the two are mature enough to not be spiteful about their divorce. However, did things change? Where do they stand now?

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney
Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney

Where Do They Stand Now?

Tom has revealed if the two are in a good place or not. A fan who attended the brunch hosted by Tom and Jax let others know what he said about their relationship.

“Schwartz said him and Katie are in a good place right now”

The two of them have a good and mature relationship. Tom even has a younger girlfriend who he seems happy with. Katie wants nothing but the best for Tom and vice versa. However, in the comments, fans seem to think that could not be the case. Some feel as though Tom is being delusional and he is dismissing Katie’s feelings once again. Now people want to hear from Katie and get her side of their relationship at the moment.

Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz/Pump Rules/YouTube
Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz/Pump Rules/YouTube

It seems that the two still have a good relationship. Fans are glad that the two can be civil and talk without any drama. Even when they were both interested in the same girl, they did not argue. Katie and Tom still share custody of their dogs. So, they see and talk to each other enough for that at least. It is unknown how much they talk other than what they have to. What do you think about their relationship? Are you happy they are in a good place? Sound off in the comments below.

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