‘The Valley’ Brittany Cartwright’s Hot Bikini Pic Called Out

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Brittany Cartwright has been sharing snapshots of herself on vacation. However, a recent photo The Valley star posted led to criticism from her followers. She was sporting a tiny bikini, but her figure wasn’t what people noticed. Instead, people pointed out what they considered to be an obvious Photoshop fail. Continue reading to see what they were talking about.

Did Brittany Cartwright Use Photoshop?

In a recent post on Instagram, Brittany posed in a forest green bathing suit. She is sitting on the edge of a boat and peering over her shoulder back at the camera. The 35-year-old gave a smile with sunglasses shading her eyes. Wind blew her long locks into her face, covering a portion of her face.

Brittany Cartwright - Instagram (2)
Instagram/Brittany Cartwright

The bathing suit she was wearing had an open back and no shoulder straps, showing a tantalizing amount of skin. In the background, other docked yachts could be seen.

A second photo showed Brittany Cartwright in the same suit but from a selfie angle. She tossed on a green cover-up over her suit and her hair looked wet. The background showed a lot of greenery. “Take me to the islands,” she wrote in the caption.

While plenty of people showed love for the former Vanderpump Rules star in the comments, others called her out for being fake. In the first photo, her arm appears to be elongated, a tell-tale sign of using Photoshop (if you don’t know what you’re doing).

“Her arm? So long,” one follower wrote. Another plainly stated, “That’s clearly photoshopped.” A third fan wrote, “I love her, but why is her arm so long?” Several others commented, saying that the photo was “bad editing” and that it was “super photoshopped.”

Brittany Cartwright - Instagram
Instagram/Brittany Cartwright

More than one person also suggested that Brittany Cartwright get a breast reduction. “Please downsize your girls,” one Instagram user wrote. “They take over your real beauty.”

Brittany Haters Don’t Let Up On Instagram

Not everyone took to the comments to hate on Brittany though. A few people noted that it could simply be the angle at which the photo was taken. Others said that the haters in the comments needed “to do better.”

One person wrote, “Omg these comments are effing disappointing and shameful. LADIES. DO BETTER.”

They continued, “Imagine just enjoying your well deserved vacation and independence and sharing a photo only for tons of people, even your own fans, body shame you, FFS.” A number of other people said that people should stop picking apart The Valley star’s body.

Brittany Cartwright shared another pic in a different swimsuit during her vacation. In the water, she sported a bright red one-piece while she played with her hair and glanced at the camera. “I was meant to be a mermaid y’all,” she wrote in the caption.

Brittany Cartwright - Instagram (1)
Instagram/Brittany Cartwright

Once again, people felt the need to take to the comments and point out her body. Many followers recommended that she get a breast reduction.

That being said, Brittany doesn’t seem to be letting the haters get to her. She’s continuing to live her best life on vacation without giving the Instagram comments a second thought.

You can watch Season 1 of The Valley on Peacock.

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