‘Sister Wives’ Fans Rip Christine Brown For Free Speech?

Christine Brown - Sister Wives

Recently, Sister Wives viewers quickly criticized Christine Brown Woolley’s mixed signals in her political stance. While she is bold when discussing some topics, fans show some confusion about her blurry sense of religious and political beliefs throughout the past few years.

Christine Brown Woolley Makes A Drastic Change

Undeniably, Sister Wives viewers have watched Christine Brown Woolley make a full 180-degree turn. In the early seasons of the show, she was quieter, religiously devout, and doting on her husband, Kody Brown. However, the show also highlights she was extremely jealous when she didn’t get as much attention as she deemed fair among the sister wives. Additionally, in the past several seasons, she has begun to push back and then ultimately opted to leave the plural union behind. Likewise, Christine’s stances are stronger since meeting David Woolley and adopting some of his beliefs. Since then, she has been very vocal about her stance on polygamy and empowerment. Now, some viewers are criticizing the mixed political and religious signals she promotes.

Christine Brown, David Woolley - Instagram
Christine Brown has changed drastically after meeting David Woolley – Instagram

Sister Wives Viewers Rip Christine Brown For Free Speech?

After Christine Brown Woolley posted a sweet picture with her son, Paedon Brown, viewers were quick to jump on Christine’s political stance. As Paedon towers over Christine and pulls her in for a loving side hug, viewers notice something else about the photo. While they are beaming with mother-son affection, fans pick up on a strong political statement that Christine promotes. On Reddit, Sister Wives viewers point out how Christine gives conflicting messages. One user mentions, “Christine grinning in a Blue Lives Matter shirt w/ Paedon.” Then, they add, “Figured I shared this since many were so shocked (??) about David’s political beliefs.” Referring to an earlier Reddit thread.

One fan reminds how much the Brown family feared the police. - Reddit
One fan reminds others how much the Brown family feared the police. – Reddit

Certainly, Christine makes many bold statements about polygamy and taking charge of her life after leaving Kody Brown. After the initial topic, several other viewers add their thoughts.

Sister Wives fans are confused by her stances. - Reddit.
Sister Wives fans show confusion about Christine Brown’s stances. – Reddit.
  • “There were tons of ppl in that other thread who were like, ‘David, I understand..bu-but Christine!? 🤯’ People have really retconned Christine into this liberal feminist bra-burning icon solely bc she left Kody/polygamy lmao.”
  • “Lol they came from such a conservative religion I’m more shocked that anyone else was shocked.”
Some see that she has some left leaning stances. - Reddit
Some see that Christine Brown has some left-leaning stances. – Reddit
  • “I think she appears supportive of that lifestyle because one of her children is LGBTQ+. I think many people are sympathetic who otherwise wouldn’t be when someone they love is involved.”
  • “I figured most of the Brown family (and David) were fundamentals. It was the way Christine was raised. She may have given up polygamy, but not her political beliefs.”
Sister Wives viewers discuss how Christine Brown Woolley ultimately didn't change. - Reddit
Sister Wives viewers discuss how Christine Brown Woolley ultimately didn’t change. – Reddit

People Don’t Change

Other Sister Wives viewers discuss how Christine Brown’s shift after marriage with Kody, Janelle, Meri, and Robyn Brown hasn’t changed her at the core.

  • “Let’s not forget the only reason she left is because he no longer wanted an intimate marriage. Not because he mistreated her or children….She’s as bad as the rest of them.”
  • “Yes! That’s why I immediately squash that strong woman narrative her stans try to portray. She woulda still been there to this day had he not taken dick off the table. That was her end point. Not the apathy, mistreatment, and inequities her kids dealt with.”
Sister Wives fans rip Christine Brown for her real reason for leaving. - Reddit
Sister Wives fans rip Christine Brown for her real reason for leaving. – Reddit
  • “I mean I just don’t get this take, if you watched the show all the way through. Yes, I don’t really like any of them in particular they’re not my cup of tea but I can objectively see that she left Kody because of mistreatment and not treating her as a wife should be treated. Obviously there’s stuff she could have done better too, but Kody is the real villain here she was just indoctrinated by her religion and it took her a long time to realize her worth beyond it.”
  • “So true. She divorced a douche bag narcissist. Good for her. But she’s still a conservative grifter with an irritating personality.”
  • “Right?!? I thought everyone knew 98.5% of the Brown horde are MAGA af.”

Christine grinning in a Blue Lives Matter shirt w/ Paedon
byu/usmilessz inSisterWives

What do you think about Christine Brown Woolley’s political stance? Do you think she seems to be taking a liberal turn even though she is promoting a conservative movement? Do you think it gives mixed signals? Did Christine change? Are you ready to see more Sister Wives? Add your comments below.

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