‘Sister Wives’ Did Kody Brown Pay Kids For Show? Shocking Details

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from YouTube

TLC does pay the Brown family of Sister Wives for appearing on the show. But is that money distributed fairly?

Like many other TLC shows, fans believe that the cast members are often exploited for their labor — particularly the children. At this point, there are few things Kody Brown could do that would surprise fans. If he doesn’t pay the children fairly, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to most.

Sister Wives Fans Discuss The Issue Of Compensation From TLC

Most Sister Wives fans aren’t aware of the full contents of the Brown family’s contract with TLC. But even so, the children have spoken about the compensation problem from time to time.

Once again, Redditors are discussing the topic online.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

“Did the kids get paid?” a Redditor asked on the platform this week.Knowing Paedon didn’t want to be on camera makes me wonder if it affected his paycheck. Another question in this regard is did the older kids watch the show in real-time?”

The general consensus is that no, the Brown children are not directly paid for their time on the show.

This has also been discussed a lot on here before. TLC paid the entire family as a whole/one unit. TLC did not send every Brown family member their own paycheck and has a history of shows where adults/parents exploit their offspring,” another Sister Wives fan chimed in. 

Tony Padron and Mykelti Brown Padron from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

This has also been a hot-button issue with the Duggar family as well. Jill Duggar notably spoke up and shared that her father Jim Bob Duggar controls all the family money. It seems like there might be a similar situation brewing in the Brown household.

Many of the children are estranged from Kody. If he isn’t paying them for their time, it makes complete since they would be unwilling to appear in future Sister Wives episodes.

Other Redditors React

At the end of the day, many Sister Wives fans confessed they already knew the children weren’t directly compensated.

Other Reddit users offered their opinions including:

  • Nope. They get none of the protections that child actors do.”
  • Unfortunately those laws are up to the state, and I know California has protections, but most states do not. I agree with you though. This is very gross.”
  • Kody and Robyn have stolen from the other three for years. You think they allowed the kids to get paid???”
  • According to the kids, no. This is why I will always come and defend Mykelti, Gwen, whomever is trying to put themselves out there in the spotlight right now, sometimes in cringe-worthy ways.”

What do you make of the situation? Add your voice to the conversation and share your thoughts below.

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