Simon Cowell’s Netflix Series Brings Pitiful Turn-Out, Canceled?

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Auditions for Simon Cowell’s new Netflix show called The Midas Touch have started, but the turnout has been pitiful. Whispers that the show will be canceled before it even starts have been circulating. So, what will the fate of Simon’s show be? Continue reading to see what has been revealed so far.

Fewer Than 100 People Turned Out For Simon Cowell’s Auditions

Simon Cowell has pitched a new show to Netflix to find the next One Direction. For those not in the know, Simon played a huge role in kickstarting the band One Direction. They became a huge success and the American Idol judge helped them get there. His only regret was not purchasing the name of the band as his own.

Now, he is looking for the next big boy band, but his plan to do so might be failing before he even gets to start. Very few people showed up to the first few auditions.

The search first began in Liverpool on Saturday and Sunday. However, only a handful of guys appeared at the auditions. Organizers for the event expected long lines of people like they’d seen for X Factor and Idol, but there were never more than around 40 people in line.

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An observer said, “They started arriving slowly from about 9 a.m. on Saturday but the biggest number in the queue never amounted to more than about 40. By early afternoon, the number arriving had virtually dried up and it was the same story on the Sunday audition.”

They continued, “The amount of railings they put up suggested they were expecting hundreds or thousands of people to arrive and pack out the queues but they had a fraction of those kinds of numbers.”

The first two audition dates were canceled last week. Simon Cowell initially announced that auditions would kick off in Newcastle on Thursday, but that was called off due to “travel schedule.” Given the information we now know, it is possible that it was canceled due to a lack of interest.

There are two more audition days scheduled this month in Dublin and three more in London at the beginning of August.

Netflix Launching A Rival Competition Show

Simon Cowell’s friend and former judge on X Factor Nicole Scherzinger seems to be going head-to-head with the producer in a rival Netflix series. Building The Band also aims to bring together the next big boy band but with a twist.

Nicole Scherzinger Celebrates Summer [YouTube]
Contestants on Building The Band will not come face to face before they are asked to perform together. On top of that, AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys will be hosting the program, which is sure to bring in additional viewers.

While Simon Cowell’s show hasn’t been called off yet, it can only be expected if no one turns up for the auditions. Only time will tell.

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