‘RHONJ’ Fans Call Luis Ruelas ‘Repulsive’ For Dating Stepdaughters?

Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice-Instagram

RHONJ fans are calling out Luis Ruelas as “repulsive” for dating his four stepdaughters. The controversial subject was brought up on his wife, Teresa Giudice’s Turning the Tables podcast. So, what was discussed and does he date Miliania, Gia, Audriana, and Gabriella? Keep reading for more details.

RHONJ Fans Call Luis Ruelas ‘Repulsive’ For Dating Stepdaughters?

Fans have not cared for Luis Ruelas for some time now. There has been something sketchy about the forty-nine-year-old essentially since he came into Teresa Giudice’s life. He had her in a love bubble and though he claimed that he was into zen and calming, he certainly knew how to wind her up and vice versa. It started to get strange when Luis claimed he wore Teresa’s late father’s pajamas. Then, he alleged that he had famed PI, Bo Dietl investigating the entire cast of RHONJ and had dirt on all of Teresa’s co-stars. That was more than enough to make stomachs turn.

Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice/Instagram
Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice-Instagram

Now, something new has been revealed and for some, it is very offputting. Apparently, Teresa’s producer shared how much he loves Luis. Not only that, he also discussed how great of a stepfather Luis is to Teresa’s four daughters, Milania, Gia, Gabriella, and Audriana. According to Monsters & Critics, producer Pat had this to say:

“I don’t know if you want me to say this or not. But, I think it’s awesome, about how him and the girls go out individually for date nights and just spend time together…that’s the coolest thing.”

Pat came to learn this detail after hanging out with the family for a few days. He noted how it was clear that the girls love Luis and the feeling is mutual. Teresa quickly responded:

“I know he makes me feel bad because then I’m like, ‘I have to do that too.'”

Though it may sound sweet in theory, fans who heard this got creeper vibes from Luis Ruelas.


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  • Louie date night with the dorters? Did I hear that right? If so that’s repulsive 🤢
  • Always trying to sell Louie.
  • “I wear your dad’s pajamas. I date your nieces.”

Going Too Far

What really got followers going was the term “date night.” They felt that was inappropriate for Luis Ruelas to use that with his stepdaughters. More so, for Teresa Giudice to be okay with that was an even bigger problem:

  • The fact Teresa quietly said ‘I don’t mind’ tells us a lot more about what she thinks about Louie’s date nights with the daughters than she realises.

There was also the idea that everyone had to keep selling Luis as this amazing man. When someone is that good, there does not have to be a constant bragging about them. Finally, there was a question of who producer Pat was. Some wondered if he was on Teresa’s payroll so he had to say these niceties.

What do you think of Luis taking the stepdaughters on date nights? Is this pushing it too far? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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