‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Bash Ken Jennings For Denying Answer

Ken Jennings

Jeopardy! fans are not happy with the host, Ken Jennings. This is due to his denying one of the answers. Ken was already in fear of his job due to the issues he had on screen. However, if fans do not like him as the host, his time may be cut short. The game show has been popular for many years. However, fans are now questioning if the rules are even “real”. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Ken Jennings Fears For His Job

Ken Jennings knows that he has some issues when it comes to the television show. He is afraid that he may lose his job due to this. He has been seeking help from Drew Carey. He wants him to be in his corner when it comes to defending his job.

“He felt that Mike was the best prepared to replace Alex and keep the franchise going. But that’s because Drew and Mike were friends. Now that Mayim has bowed out, Drew has really come around to Ken, even though they are merely acquaintances and colleagues. Ken is self-aware and knows his issues are always going to be how his personality reads on camera, and not his proven expertise with trivia or with the Jeopardy! game itself.”

He may have to step it up or his job may be on the chopping block.

Ken Jennings - Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings – Jeopardy!

Fans Bash The Host For Denying An Answer

Not only that but now fans are bashing Ken for denying an answer. Ken asked a question about Jason Schwartzman getting his head kicked in during an Edgar Wright film. Issac was the first to answer. He answered “Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe”. However, this answer was not correct, it was “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”. Fans did not agree with this denial.

  •  “Ken (seemingly) not accepting “Scott Pilgrim” and requiring the full “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” has me wondering if there’s a hard and fast rule about movie titles and subtitles. Or if it’s more vibe-based on the judges’ part? ‘vs the World’ is clearly deemphasized in that movie’s marketing materials.”
  • “Would the full Terminator 2 Judgement Day instead of just Terminator 2?”
  • “There’s other Scott Pilgrim media with different titles after the name, so that would likely influence if they would require more than just the name,”
Ken Jennings | Instagram
Ken Jennings | Instagram

It seems that fans do not agree with Ken denying Issac’s answer. However, some understood where he was coming from due to the several title options of the franchise. Viewers are unsure if he denied the answer due to rules, or if he just did not agree with the answer. Regardless, the answer was denied. Do you like Ken Jennings as the host? If you do not, who would you like to see host? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. These so-called fans are probably poor losers after Mayim was sent off to pasture. Ken is doing a great job and deserves to stay as host of Jeopardy. What people are complaining about are trivial and overblown differences of opinion. Ken is a very bright person, congenial and fair with all of the players. If Ken declines an answer, that’s why all the judges are sitting up front to double check everything. If they disagree with Ken they should bring it up as soon as possible and fix it. Get real people and quit finding fault with someone just because your opinion is different from another.

    1. I miss Mayim!
      ken is ok, but occasionally accepts answer that is no limit accurate or denies one that should be accepted.

      no one’s perfect!

  2. I have no use for this host which is why I stopped watching the show. His lisp and know it all attitude turn me off. No comparison to Alex Trebec. Even Mayim is better than this idiot.

  3. Have not like Ken from Day One. Would have preferred Mayim or Mike. I don’t know why they let Mayim go. I my opinion she was much better than Ken. I realize Mike was not a possibility due to something he said many years ago that was pejorative.
    Go figure….

  4. Didn’t like Mayim, don’t know why. She would ‘hesitate’ like she had to look to see if the answer was right, and Ken is like Alex, he responds faster. I don’t see anything wrong with Ken, he is fair, doesn’t show favoritism, and reminds me a lot of Alex. I don’t see why people are upset, he has a panel that tells him if the answer is OK. I’m sure there were times when someone thought Alex did something wrong.

  5. Ken is doing a great job! Anyone who knows as much as he does is going to be criticized. Keep up the work. Long live Jeopardy. Great show!

  6. Ken does a great job imo. he seems fair and yes he has a group of judges to help him. he’s friendly, knowledgeable and interacts well with players. mayim always seemed so ‘ stiff’.

  7. Ken is doing a great job. Who better than jeopardy royalty to host? He knows the game and he knows the facts.

  8. Please bring back the gracious, charming Mayim Bialik! She welcomes the contestants instead of making them feel inferior!

  9. The “strike” was when Mayim walked … she was not pushed. I, personally, always wanted Art Fleming reborn … but, short of that, Ken was in the top three of those trying out. And, yea, I am now too old to play, but I was interviewed thrice … and the host has a heck of a tough job (I recall the old cardboard days … in Rockefeller Center.)

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