‘Jeopardy!’ Drew Basile Was ‘Muted’ During His Winning Streak

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While Drew Basile was enjoying his successful run as a Jeopardy! champion, he remained a polarizing figure. The former Survivor contestant already had a reputation as a know-it-all. After his turn on the popular game show, many fans also felt he was a poor sport as he sometimes celebrated too much.

Drew spoke about his time on the show and revealed that he was even more overly energetic about his wins, so the show had to “mute” him. Here is what he had to say.

Drew Basile Was ‘Muted’ On Jeopardy!

Drew Basile was polarizing during his successful run on Jeopardy!, where he often pumped his fist after correct answers and didn’t remain stoic and quiet when he won. While many felt he was just acting like anyone would when winning big money, others felt it wasn’t dignified enough for the game show.

Drew Basile - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile – Jeopardy!

Basile appeared on an episode of “Rob Has a Podcast” and talked about the idea that he celebrated a little too much at times. It turns out there were times he celebrated even harder, but the show made him re-film the moment for the broadcast.

“Obviously, I had a big reaction at the end of the tiebreak because, you know, it’s like a Western standoff,” Drew said. This was when he won the tiebreaker over Josh Heit. “I had such a big reaction that I think we had to re-record it.”

According to Drew, he yelled out, “Let’s go,” and pumped his fist in the air. He then said the producers said they couldn’t allow that and rerecorded the moment when he won. “Jeopardy! is so classy. I had a huge reaction,” Basile said. “It was kind of a little bit muted, compared to some of the hate you get from Survivor.”

Drew Basile Reacts To Polarizing Jeopardy! Fan Reaction

Drew Basile said that he started to see how polarizing the fans’ reaction to him was as the shows aired. He also said he understands why fans didn’t expect his personality to shine through on Jeopardy!

“I was kind of a polarizing figure on Jeopardy!,” Drew admits. “They have so much poise, and they’re all dressed up to encourage those best qualities of politeness and rectitude, and people don’t really showboat.”

However, Drew said he loves showboating and has a little more personality than most contestants that appear on the show. He said he admits it was a little unnerving for many viewers. Plus, he admits that people love to root against the winner. “I’ll gladly take being the heel … I’ll lean into it,” he said.

Drew will be back for the Tournament of Champions.

What did you think about Drew Basile’s performance and personality on Jeopardy!? Do you think all winners should remain calm and show no emotion, or do you think Drew went a little overboard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I thought Drew came across as arrogant and a braggart. I was rooting against him in every game he was in. Maybe his temperament worked in Survivor, but I found it offensive. I realize James Holzhauer is somewhat brash, but he comes across as very likeable. I had no problem rooting for James.

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