Former ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Begs To Be Brought Back

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A current Jeopardy! champion shared some interesting details about himself while host Ken Jennings got to know everyone on stage. Isaac Hirsch revealed that he had a family member who was on the game show in the mid-1980s when Alex Trebek was the new host. Now, the person is asking for a second chance on Jeopardy! Continue reading to see how this has unfolded.

Isaac’s Dad Demands Another Chance On Jeopardy!

Isaac has won three games of Jeopardy! so far. During a chat with Ken Jennings, he shared that his father, Steven, was a contestant on the game show during Season 2. Alex Trebek was still the host then, but unfortunately for Isaac’s dad, he didn’t wind up having a long run in the competition. He lost his first game.

While speaking with Ken, Isaac revealed that his family still gives Steven a hard time about the loss. “I play him Weird Al’s ‘I Lost on Jeopardy!’ [and say] ‘It’s about you, dad!'” he said.

Jeopardy! recently shared a clip of Isaac and Ken talking about his dad’s appearance on the game show. To the surprise of many fans, Steven joined in on the comments, demanding a second chance.

Isaac Hirsch - YouTube/Jeopardy!

He wrote, “If Ken Jennings is going to keep mentioning that I lost on Jeopardy, I want another chance! Bring me back for another shot at winning!”

One fan responded, “Second chance! Second chance!”  Others chimed in, hoping that they’d see Steven on an upcoming episode. However, there is no indication that the game show plans on having Steven back on.

Isaac Hirsch Is A Serial Game Show Contestant

Unlike his dad, Isaac has stacked up $70,186 so far. This isn’t the first time he’s earned a bit of cash on television either.

In 2023, he won on another game show called The Chase. He also appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 2017. Several people on Reddit recognized him from other TV shows.

Isaac chimed in on the Reddit thread to confirm that he had appeared on The Chase, but they aren’t as lax with their dress code for contestants as Jeopardy! is.

Isaac Hirsch - YouTube/Jeopardy!

A number of fans have complimented Isaac’s style after recent episodes have aired. He’s worn a number of unique shirts that have grabbed the attention of viewers. Not every game show allows contestants to wear what they want though.

“They did not let me dress as my true self though,” he revealed about his time on The Chase. Rather than sporting his flashy thrift store finds, Isaac was required to wear a suit jacket and tie.

He will return on Monday at 7 p.m. EST for his fourth Jeopardy! game. Check your local listings for details.

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