Execs Worry Steve Harvey Is Starting To Lash Out Like Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak and Steve Harvey - YouTube

Although Wheel Of Fortune host, Pat Sajak, was beloved by many, his tenure was catching up with him. Undeniably, having more than 40 years on the same show began to unveil irritations of the longtime host. However, now Family Feud executives are starting to see a similar pattern from Steve Harvey as he gets older.

Steve Harvey Gets Compared To Pat Sajak

Lately, the job seems to be weighing down on Steve Harvey. While the 67-year-old Family Feud game show host uses his comedic background to usher players through awkward questions and stunning answers, some people believe he is struggling. Notably, over the past several months, his responses to contestants have been harsher than usual. Oftentimes calling them “stupid” to their face and blasting them on public television. With his most recent pattern, Family Feud executives are growing concerned that he is mimicking the path of disgruntled Wheel Of Fortune game show host, Pat Sajak.

Steve Harvey - Family Feud
Steve Harvey – Family Feud

Execs Worry Steve Harvey Is Starting To Lash Out Like Pat Sajak

According to Closer Weekly, an insider revealed that Steve Harvey has his bosses stressing over his actions. By comparison, Steve’s attitude is starting to resemble Pat Sajak’s toward the end of his career with Wheel Of Fortune. As many watch Steve lash out at players and belittle them, fans think he may be heading in the same direction as Pat. Furthermore, the source says, “Steve’s king of the hill and has become an intrinsic part of the show’s success — but insulting contestants and calling their answers stupid right to their face is the last thing people need.” But something seems to be going awry. Unlike Steve’s happy-go-lucky mood where he playfully hassles the contestants in jest, his latest pattern has more of an angry feel to it.

Pat Sajak-YouTube
Pat Sajak – YouTube

Steve Harvey’s Personality Is Changing

While the Family Feud executives can’t quite put their finger on the shift in behavior, they are wondering if Steve Harvey’s workload is overwhelming. Additional speculations are that something might be going on at home that is making his personality seem different. The insider adds, “It’s got people around him panicky. They’re concerned Steve’s working too hard.” Furthermore, voicing the theory about stress at home. They continue, “Maybe there’s pressure at home that’s getting to him and making him short-tempered.”

Steve Harvey - Family Feud
Steve Harvey – Family Feud

Trouble On The Homefront

While the reason isn’t clear, some believe his daughter, Lori Harvey’s high-profile relationships attribute to the stress at home. The source says, “Lori’s had a high-profile love life that seems to be going nowhere, and Steve wonders when she’ll ever settle down.” Some of the links to the model are Damson Idris, Michael B. Jordan, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Trey Songz, Future, Justin Combs, and Andrew Tate. Additionally, they add, “Everyone’s hoping this is just a phase of his and not Sajak-gate all over again!” According to Closer Weekly, Pat Sajak was pushed into early retirement due to his “offensive behavior toward contestants and even cohost Vanna White.” Although Pat said the last year was very difficult, he didn’t mention irritation with contestants. Instead, he believed he could have kept going a few years, but didn’t want to outstay his welcome by overdoing it.

Do you think that Steve Harvey’s job is in jeopardy? Do you think his responses seem more angry than usual over the past few months? Is Family Feud enjoyable for you with Steve Harvey as the host? Drop your comments below.

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