‘CSI: Vegas’ Creator Reveals Why CBS Canceled His Show

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When CBS canceled CSI: Vegas, the show ended up with a cliffhanger. Fans were unhappy because it seemed that networks were canceling many shows late, without letting the stories finish and leaving fans hanging. Now, the creator of CSI: Vegas has said he knows why the show was canceled.

Here is what he had to say and why it still shocked him when the word came down.

CSI: Vegas Creator Talks Cancelation

CSI: Vegas creator Anthony Zuiker has opened up about his show’s cancellation. He has explained not only why CBS canceled th show but also why it was a surprise and a huge disappointment for the franchise.

CSI: Vegas
CSI: Vegas

According to Zuiker, CSI: Vegas was not profitable. However, he said they were almost there, and it was a disappointment to learn about the cancellation. “We were probably a season away from being profitable, but I didn’t see it coming,” Zuiker said (via U.S. Sun).

With CBS canceling CSI: Vegas, that was the last show in the franchise remaining, after CSI: Miami, CSI: New York and CSI: Cyber were all canceled as well previously. CBS has tried to continue on with The Real CSI: Miami, a true-crime series, but it isn’t the same as the narrative shows.

CSI: Vegas was a continuation of the original CSI series, which ran for 15 seasons.

The Real Reason CSI: Vegas Was Cancelled

Zuiker broke down the reasoning behind CBS canceling the show. He said that the franchise had been popular for over 20 years for CBS, so he thought his show would get another season to prove it could be profitable. However, things were working against him and the franchise.

He said the cancellation is “a function of a couple of things. Number one, it was very, very successful. Number two, they have much less of an opportunity to run the risk of audience exhaustion in terms of scripted.” He then said the business is not friendly right now, and the limitations are challenging the creative process now.

He said that in 2000, when the first show premiered, there was no competition from streaming; it was just about competing with other networks and cable TV. He said they could be more creative then since there was less competition. He said they are more likely to buy things now and quickly give up on even popular properties.

“But for now, CSI: Vegas, we’re very proud of that as best as we possibly could. There are some factors that just didn’t leave it to go forward, and therefore, we did everything we could to revive it. And it didn’t work out like that,” Anthony said.

Will you miss CSI: Vegas now that it is gone and off the air? Are you watching the new true-crime version of the franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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