‘Bachelor’ Kelsey Anderson Opens Up About Wild Assault

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The Bachelor winner Kelsey Anderson has opened up about a previous assault that sent her fiance Joey Graziadei reeling. Although it happened in the past, Joey still feels protective over her and was shocked to hear the details of the ordeal. Keep reading to see what Kelsey had to say about the attack and how Joey reacted.

Kelsey Anderson Details Brutal Attack

Kelsey Anderson spoke out about being attacked when she was in college. The assault landed The Bachelor star in the hospital. She detailed the experience in a recent TikTok video.

In the clip, she talked about an overly aggressive man who was catcalling her and her friends. They were walking from one bar to another and he wouldn’t let up. So, Kelsey felt like she should speak up and say something to the man.

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Kelsey Anderson/Credit: ABC YouTube

Unfortunately for Kelsey, this just made the man more aggressive. He grabbed her butt and she turned around and tossed her drink at him. Then, she started to walk away, but the man ran up behind her and punched her in the back of the head. She fell to the ground and had significant cognitive issues for several hours following the incident.

She explained in the TikTok video, “I ended up falling, I couldn’t speak for five hours.” Doctors believed that her temporary loss of speech was due to being in shock. However, Kelsey Anderson also suffered a mild concussion after the attack. Shockingly, the police never found the man who attacked The Bachelor star. So, he got away with the assault.

The Bachelor Joey Graziadei ‘Still Fuming’

Her fiance Joey Graziadei expressed his feelings about the assault. While the couple didn’t know each other at this time, it is clear that it is hard for Joey to hear about.

After sharing her story on TikTok, fans expressed their shock in the comment section. Joey joined them, telling Kelsey Anderson that he was “still fuming about this.”

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: YouTube
Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: YouTube

One of Kelsey’s friends popped in the comments and wrote, “True story I remember it well! The part when the boys ran after that dude was cool though.”

Another person wrote, “Yep… The bear. Every time,” referencing a popular social media trend where women say they would choose to be stuck in the woods with a bear over a man. “The police didn’t do anything??!!” another follower asked, stunned. “Men are genuinely terrifying,” one person concluded.

@kelseyalexandraanThe story of me ✨getting hit in the back of my head✨♬ original sound – Kelsey Anderson

Although they weren’t together at the time, it is clear that Joey would have gone above and beyond to ensure his fiance was safe in this instance. He reposted the video and expressed his anger about what happened to Kelsey Anderson during her college days.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus, but there are upcoming episodes of The Golden Bachelorette slated to premiere in the fall.

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