‘Sister Wives’ Aspyn Brown Gets Memorial Tattoo For Garrison

Aspyn Brown, Mitch Thompson-Facebook

Sister Wives star Aspyn Brown Thompson is showing off a memorial tattoo she got for her late brother, Garrison Brown. She joins her other sibling, Gabe Brown in getting ink to remember their brother who lost his life to suicide. So, what did Aspyn opt to get? Keep reading for more details.

Sister Wives Aspyn Brown Gets Memorial Tattoo For Garrison

Aspyn Brown Thompson has led a relatively private life since she married her husband, Mitch Thompson. They are not featured on Sister Wives all that much except for when her mother, Christine Brown Woolley left polygamy. She moved to Utah and started a whole new life away from Kody Brown. Fortunately, Christine’s older kids were very supportive of her change, and even when she found love with David Woolley. The two tied the knot in October 2023 and Aspyn was right by her side trying to figure out how to refer to her new stepfather.

Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson - Sister Wives - Instagram
Aspyn Brown, Mitch Thompson- Instagram

Sadly, her brother, Garrison Brown, passed away in March 2024 and the family has been desperately trying to recover. One way that they have been healing is through travel and spending time with each other. Gabe Brown went and got a tattoo from the movie Dragonheart that said “To The Stars.” Now it seems that Aspyn is following in his footsteps. According to a Reddit thread, Paedon and Aspyn also got the same one. Hers can be seen on the back of her arm, right above her elbow.

Aspyn Brown, Truely Brown, Mykelti Brown-Reddit
Aspyn Brown, Truely Brown, Mykelti Brown-Reddit


This just goes to show how close the siblings truly were and always will be. Fans and followers who know the Sister Wives story were amazed by what they had done. It touched their hearts and immediately had nothing but kind words Aspyn Brown Thompson and her siblings:

  • Janelle (I think it was Janelle but maybe it was Christine) said that a lot of the kids got tribute tattoos to Garrison. 🥰
  •  That’s great they did something collectively like that to remember/honor their brother. It’s sweet.💕
  • Such a lovely tribute.

What About Truely?

As blown away by the tribute ink that the fans were, they were even more blown away by how grown up and happy Truely Brown was. She is the youngest daughter of Kody Brown and Christine Brown Woolley, born in Season 1 of Sister Wives:

  • Also True is looking so grown up, didn’t we just watch her be born? 😭
  • Christine’s girls are sooo beautiful. Truley looking like a grown a** woman makes me feel so old lol
  • I love seeing how healthy and happy truely looks these days

Hopefully, everyone can keep remembering Garrison Brown as Season 19 of Sister Wives likely grows closer. What do you think of Aspyn Brown Thompson’s tattoo? Do you like the way they memorialized their brother? Let us know in the comments below.

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