Shocking Preview: Whitney Way Thore Welcomes New Baby

Whitney Way Thore-Instagram

Season 12 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life is just around the corner and Whitney Way Thore is welcoming a new baby. So, did she manage to find love and get pregnant while the show was on hiatus? Keep reading for all of the details on the shocking surprise.

Shocking Preview: Whitney Way Thore Welcomes New Baby

Last season on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Way Thore dealt with a lot. She lost her beloved mother Babs and had to learn how to cope without her love and guidance. Along with that, she was trying to help her father, Glenn get his groove back because he was still very much alive. Then, it was discovered that he had a daughter, Angie who was put up for adoption. The whole family was able to reconnect and it was a beautiful thing, especially for Glenn. He had grandchildren and it helped to fill his grieving heart. Yet, is Whitney now expecting?

Whitney Way Thore-YouTube
Whitney Way Thore-YouTube

In a preview for Season 12, Whitney gathers all of her friends, her brother, and Glenn to her home for a shower. She is holding her belly and wearing pink, telling them they will be introduced to someone new. Everyone in attendance is looking at her like what is going on? Is she pregnant? Has she been hiding this the whole time and not told anyone? Whitney does do an amazing job of constantly holding on to her tummy before she finally reveals that it is not a shower for her but rather her ex-boyfriend, Lennie Alehat.

Lennie Alehat, Baby, Whitney Way Thore-YouTube
Lennie Alehat, Baby, Whitney Way Thore-Instagram

He and his girlfriend of over a year, Allison, have welcomed a baby and the shower is for them. Now, Whitney Way Thore has not met Allison yet nor has she met the baby. Still, she is throwing a shower for them which has everyone baffled. The guests are trying to unravel the mystery behind who the shower is for and when Lennie walks in with his baby girl, jaws drop. Then, the clip ends, and the fans have gone crazy in the comments.


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How Could She?

Of course, after seeing this clip, My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans went crazy over seeing Whitney Way Thore throw a baby shower for her ex:

  • Wait she through a baby shower for her ex man and his girl?!
  • … WHAT is her obsession with her exes
  • she made a baby shower for her ex and his girlfriend…………. am i getting this right or……. 😐

Some fans were encouraging and hoped that she would find her happily ever after at some point. They felt she was a good person and deserved happiness. Hopefully, this season will bring a lot of excitement and love. Are you shocked that she did this for Lennie and Allison or is this just who Whitney is? Let us know and watch the Season 12 premiere of MBFFL Tuesday, July 9th on TLC.

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