‘Live’ Fans Call Out Mark Consuelos For Bad Behavior

Mark Consuelos - YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Live With Kelly and Mark returned to its regularly scheduled programming this week after being on a two-week hiatus. While many people were glad to see the husband and wife hosting team back on TV, others have noticed something a little off about Mark Consuelos. Keep reading to see why viewers have called him out on his bad behavior.

Mark Consuelos Appears Grumpy In Cooking Segment

Mark Consuelos looked like a new person upon his return last week. He was sporting a much shorter buzz cut and many fans voiced their opinions about the new hairstyle. However, that isn’t what had them up in arms.

Live Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos - Instagram
Instagram/Mark Consuelos

Undoubtedly, the Live couple is a bit tired. They were traveling abroad for two weeks. On top of that, Mark was filming for a show pilot in Atlanta before they returned to New York City.

A recent cooking segment with Chef Shereen Pavlides showed a grumpy-looking Mark. The segment was likely filmed later in the day in NYC. Chef Shereen was walking them through different ways to cook hotdogs.  The Live host was visibly annoyed throughout the segment, despite his efforts to smile throughout.

Fans did not hesitate to let Mark Consuelos know that they noticed his poor behavior during the cooking segment. Once the clip was shared online, several people commented on his demeanor.

“Mark’s grumpy,” one fan wrote. Another person agreed, writing, “Not his usual cheerful self.”

What Has Mark Looking So Glum?

There are several reasons Mark might have been feeling a bit grumpy that day. The two Live hosts have been trying to engage with their fans on social media more recently. Oftentimes, people make comments about them that aren’t very friendly. Plenty of people had negative things to say about his new haircut and his wife’s recent makeup tutorial. Social media critics could have caused him to have a bad day.

Another possibility is that he was just tired. The pair just got back from Switzerland not long ago. Mark could still be experiencing jet lag. Not to mention, they were filming outside and much of the United States has been in the midst of a heat wave. He could have just been uncomfortable and hot.

Live With Kelly & Mark Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos - Instagram
Instagram/Kelly Ripa

The empty-nesters also hosted some of their children for the Fourth of July holiday, which could have had him more tired than usual as well. Kelly Ripa shared a snapshot of all the shoes in the entryway of their home. Over the photo, she added the song “The Boys Are Back In Town,” referencing her sons, Michael and Joaquin.

Whatever the case may be, fans certainly noticed Mark Consuelos’ bad mood on camera.

You can see the clip of Kelly and Mark’s July 4th cooking segment below. Let us know what you think about his mood in the comments below!

Amanda Blankenship


  1. Honestly I think he was more bored than grumpy…he was trying to smile and exchange some pleasantries. Give him a break most men wouldn’t be able to act like they were enjoying this type of segment…

  2. I agree. He was fine .Probably exhausted from traveling working and being constantly “on” for fans not to mention 3 adult children. Cut the guy some slack.

  3. mark is the best live co host live has ever had.. he is a wonderful n a joy to see in the morning .. people please everybody has an off day .. i didn’t even see what people are complaining about… it doesn’t even matter… i’m crazy about mark n kelly together it’s exciting to see them in the morning…

  4. He looked Fine im sure Kelly made sure of that 🙂 They always give 110%.
    So if he looked a lil tired so what.

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