Ken Jennings Fears ‘Jeopardy!’ Hosting Job Could Be Cut Short

Ken Jennings

After acknowledging some of the issues on screen, Ken Jennings fears for his hosting job on Jeopardy! However, he is searching for help from another game show host. Fans love Jeopardy! and are unsure if they want Ken to continue being the host. There has been some controversy over who the host should be. Keep reading to find out more about Ken and his issues.

Ken Gets Named The Host

Ken Jennings was a cohost with Mayim Bialik. When she was let go, Ken was named the host of the show. However, that got taken away from him when they chose to have Mike Richards take over the duties. This did not last long. There were some sexist comments that Mike made during a podcast. They were from years ago, but they ended up resurfacing when this was announced. Barely a week in, Mike was forced to resign. So, Ken ended up taking the job back and is the host of Jeopardy!

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Ken Jennings Fears For His Job

Ken is now fearing for his job as the host of the show. He is searching for Drew Carey to have his back when it comes to his job. There are issues Ken has on-screen such as coming across as rude and not knowledgeable. 

“He felt that Mike was the best prepared to replace Alex and keep the franchise going. But that’s because Drew and Mike were friends. Now that Mayim has bowed out, Drew has really come around to Ken, even though they are merely acquaintances and colleagues. Ken is self-aware and knows his issues are always going to be how his personality reads on camera, and not his proven expertise with trivia or with the Jeopardy! game itself.

Ken is trying his hardest to keep his job. He is happy with what he is doing and does not want to mess it up. Ken may have to fix his issues to make fans like him more.

Ken Jennings - GMA
Ken Jennings – GMA

It seems that Ken needs to fix his issues on screen, or his job may be at risk. However, he is searching for Drew to have his back and be in his corner when it comes to his job. Ken acts as though he does not have much game show experience. However, he has won Jeopardy! 74 times. If Ken loses his job, who would you want to replace him? Do you like Ken? Sound off in the comments below.

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    1. No I do not like Jennings as the host! Never did never will, I will not watch the show again until he is replaced.

        1. what a smarmy response. I am not fond of Ken as host and I daresay I am more than “smart” enough for you.

        2. I don’t like Ken Jennings at all He was a wonderful contestant when he was on Jeopardy as a contestant. Now, as host, he comes across as haughty, with an attitude I don’t like. I would have much preferred having Mayim Bialik host the game show, but apparently the world is too antisemitic to appreciate a brilliant woman as host.

      1. I think he does a good job. He won 74 times so he’s as knowledgeable as they get. I guess you want him to change his personality. As Lincoln said, “You can’t please all the people all of the time.”

      2. I love Ken as host…he is most familiar with the game and Alex. He has grown since he started and will continue to grow as host if allowed to continue on this side of the stage.

    2. I totally agree. He is very professional and informal enough. One cannot expect perfection every minute. While cannot he say what he feels sometimes. So what. The contestants are not perfect. Mistakes are not unforgivable.

    3. I am a long time fan of both the show and Ken Jennings. He is not as smooth and polished as Alex Trebek was, but he is still growing into the job.I would like to see him continue as host of Jeopardy.

    4. If Ken loses his job as host, you’ve lost me and my Jeopardy friends as well. Everyone expects another Alex, and that will take time to overcome that that loss.

      1. I challenge anyone to be in charge of 3-5. games a day, read the answers
        to 6-10 game boards a day, listen to the judges in your ear, meet 6 – 10 new contestants in one day and never make a mistake! We love Ken!

    5. I really like Ken as a host. He still needs more work but he is getting better. I sy he’s a keeper!

    6. I absolutely agree. KEN Jennings is smart and has a great stage presence. He has a great sense of humor. I watch every night and I’ve never heard the lisp. Don’t fix what’s not broken

      1. Ken does have a slight lisp on certain words – so what? I think he’s doing an amazing job and love his sense of humor. Anyone who expects him to be another Alex Trebek is not being realistic. Even Alex had to grow into the job. And saying bring Mayim Bialek back? Oh, please no! I loved her on Big Bang Theory and have nothing against a female host, but she was way too giddy for me.

    7. I will stop watching if ken isn’t host. he fits perfectly. alex acted smarter than everyone, as he actually is

    8. Me too. Of course he has some bumps but he’s learning. He’s human!! Please don’t replace him

      1. Phooey. I think Ken does a brilliant job. I prefer him to Alex Trebek, not wishing to sound disrespectful. He’s often very funny but this does not come at the expense of the contestants being the stars. Mayim’s shows had too many awkward pauses after contestants’ responses. Not being anti-Semitic.

    9. I always liked Ken! I don’t feel anyone else should host Jeopardy because he’s great, professional, funny and highly intelligent and those words are not just from me and majority of the world, but he’s Alex’s pick and if nothing else that alone holds an ocean of promise. so leave him alone and let him be!

    10. I think everybody should leave Ken alone. He does a good job and his stage and people skills are improving every day. Give him a break. I like him very much.

  1. Good grief! Jeopardy can’t afford to keep flip flopping on host duties. Ken is doing a nice job. If he is let go, their ratings will tank.

      1. I have never cared for Ken as a host. I’m not saying he isn’t intelligent or a nice enough person, but he just rubs me the wrong way…I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but he just does, sorry

      1. I think Ken is great and I will be very disappointed if he is ever replaced on Jeopardy. He is witty, and always makes very sincere comments to the contestants during the interviews . I think he’s doing a fantastic job!!!

  2. I’ve been a Jeopardy fan at least for 30 years. Ken Jennings is doing a great job. whenever the controversies pop up from time to time frequently it appears that maybe the contestants that haven’t been fully aware of some details in the rules ahead of time. for example recent answer required the letter s on the end of the response. therefore the contestant inadvertently made the wrong response. it’s not Mr Jennings fault. it seems that in some cases that Mr Jennings would be darned if he did except an answer and darn if he didn’t accept an answer. a possible no win-win situation for himself or for that matter the contestant. usually they seem to work out. would like to see Mr Jennings continue for many more years. loyal follower from Sumner Washington

    1. I think Jen Jennings is doing a great job. He does well when talking to the contestants. He shows that he is interested in their personal jobs and adventures. I think getting rid of Ken would be a mistake. I watch the show everyday.

        1. First of all, he talks way too fast, half the time we’ve no idea what he just said. We liked Mayim much better!

  3. Ken Jennings should remain the host of Jeopardy. I watch it daily and think he is doing a very great job.

  4. Please keep Ken Jennings! His timing is impeccable. His professionalism is amazing. And we all know how intelligent & knowledgeable he is. No one comes close. When Mayim hosted, her timing made watching Jeopardy feel like pulling teeth.

  5. I think Jennings is perfect for the role. What some may see as haughtiness is just his being droll. For anyone with enough smarts to get it, that’s a welcome formula. Please keep Ken Jennings as Jeoparday! host.

  6. Ken Jennings is the absolute best host of Jeopardy to follow Alex Trebek! He is very knowledgeable, thinks on his feet, and makes great comments when talking to the contestants. He’s not at all stiff in any way. It has been smooth sailing since he took over. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone as good at that job. It was clear during the multiple guest hosts who auditioned and it was very clear during Mayim Bialik’s run.

  7. I think Ken Jennings does a wonderful job.
    I read so many criticisms about him, but a lot of it is groundless.
    No one I know is perfect!! And the same thing applies to everyone I know, including Jennings.
    I’m not sure why there are criticisms, other than the fact that he has a wonderful job, and they do not and are envious.
    I say keep him, offer constructive ideas if you want change, and encourage him, because he does a great job.

  8. I can’t stand him. He still has that ridiculous smug look on his face when they go to a commercial. He talks too much which leaves potentially game changing clues on the board at the end of each round, and he still can’t stop trying to influence contestants bids when they find a daily double. Shut the hell up Ken, they’re not stupid, they know what they need to bid

    1. Well said, Michael. Ken just grates on me, and I can’t stand his cockiness, and quickness in his manner. I should think that a show with the class that Jeopardy! has gotten us used to, would be able to find a host without a stupid lisp!! Would love to see him replaced. Sorry to sound so mean, but it’s the way I feel. Never watch it anymore but love the concept.

  9. I stopped watching Jeopardy when Jennings was announced as the host. Do not like his condescending attitude nor his smirk like he is smarter than everyone else. Jeopardy took a HUGE step backwards with Jennings!

  10. we always watch Jeopardy and find Ken to be a good host! We also like Mayim and are happy to see her occasionally.

  11. Keep Ken Jennings!!
    He is smart, good conversation when interviewing contestants, rarely leaves questions on the board, has great timing and gets better each season!

  12. Ken is done my a great job. hell accept answers that he thinks are correct it’s not his fault if the judges correct him and the contestant loses money because of judges taking it away. I dont particularly like mayim.

  13. I watched when Alex, and Mayim, hosted but I’ve never liked Ken. Jeopardy is about the questions and the contestants. He tries so hard to make it the Ken Show that it’s impossible to watch.

  14. Ken is great, kind and gracious. Husband and I love him. We watch daily. When there was rotating hosts we had a hard time watching. When Ken became full time host, we watch every day.

    1. I have watched Jeopardy daily for years. It is the only intelligent show on TV. Ken Jennings has done a great job to replace the late great Alex. Please do not change to another host!

  15. I have watched Jeipardy for decades, faithfully. I have had no problem with any of the hosts, Art Fleming, Alex Trebek, Mayim Bialek or Ken Jennings. They were all pleasant, engaging and fair. Just because a few vocal people have taken a personal dislike to a host is no reason to replace the host. the host is not responsible for contestants’ errors nor judges’ decisions. The hosts need to be fair across the board, following the rules and contestants and fans likewise.

  16. Ken Jennings is an absolute asset to Jeopardy. His clever conversations with the contestants actually makes them interesting! Our family loves Ken and looks forward to many more years of his hosting our favorite half hour of the day.

  17. Aside from Alex, Ken is the best! We would have stopped watching. If it’s Mayim that you put in, we Will stop. We loved her on TBBT, but unfortunately, she is not cut out to be a Jeopardy host.

  18. I don’t like Ken Jennings as host. I didn’t like him as a contestant. I found him to be arrogant. As a host he’s abrupt. To host a televised game show, you have to have a likable personality. He doesn’t have one. It’s obvious that he is trying to manipulate his on-air personality but that makes him come across this phony. I didn’t know that Mayim is no longer with Jeopardy. They should do what they can to entice her back and have her host.

  19. I have been a Jeopardy follower for over 50 years not religiously but continuously. I can not remember at this point anyone other than Ken and do not feel the game has declined with Ken but has improved. I will continue to be a Jeopardy follower with Ken at the helm for many years.

  20. Ken Jennings, f’hevvinssake, is one of the best contestants to ever play the game. So that makes him intelligent.

    Ken also has a drôle sense of humor which he only occasionally pipes in with the players . He is not an AI robot. He is interacting with the other humans on stage.

    So some viewers don’t get his humor. Too bad for them. Go read a book. Or two.

    Over all the decades Alex Trebek hosted, he inserted many moments of snappy asides and even some just-this-side-of-sarcasm remarks.

    Short of Petri-dishing some Trebek DNA, I think Ken is the as-close-to-perfect Jeopardy host. He is doing a great job, IMO.

    1. Of all the comments, I agree with you the most. I’m hoping beyond hope that Ken stays and people who don’t like him, don’t watch! People can be so petty and critical.

    2. Agree. Before Alex got sick he often made sparky comments and came across as arrogant at times. I think Ken does a great job.

  21. Ken was not my first choice but I think it takes time to adjust especially after following a Saint. time is what is needed I don’t want to go through the selection process again so soon, especially since it was a process that gave a dual host which detracted from the game.

  22. I agree he is wonderful. Great charisma and sense of humour. Will never watch.this show again if he is replaced.

  23. Go back and watch season 1 of the Price is Right with Bob Barker and then take a look at Season 15 to see marked improvements and even 35 to see how he was certainly competent but admittedly lost a step or 2. Then watch Season 36 – Drew Carey’s first season. He wasn’t polished in the least! He also had the previous E.P. trying to have him host like Bob – Drew isn’t Bob! Then E.P. Mike Richards had to change up little things to put his spin on this. Eventually the show went back to being what it was and what we all recognized! About Season 40 Drew seems to come in to his own. Today at Haven Studio – the show’s new home, Drew seems completely in his element! Ken Jennings literally became the sole host of Jeopardy this past season – give him the time to come in to his own as well. He is well aware he has a lot to live up to – however all he needs to do is be Himself and that will be good enough!! Not everyone likes Ken, nor do they like Drew over Bob, but Bill Cullen, Bob Barker, Drew Carey, Art Fleming, Alex Trebek and Ken Jennings are all unique individuals. And the shows have managed to evolve and continue – and I have no doubt we will all get past this as well.

  24. can’t stand him! He is condescending and has to put his little knowledge comments in just everyone he knows more than the contestants. he is.not.personable nor smooth. Mayim was so cute and happy. she.needed some time to loosen up, but talk about smart….
    Or how about Buzzy. He has lots of entertainment qualities and is relaxed as a host.
    we watch the show but certainly not for Ken!!!

  25. I didn’t like him that much at first, but he has grown on me. he is professional, I think occasionally funny, and he keeps show moving at a great pace. I think he shows empathy for the contestants, and his personality is fine for the show.

  26. Ken’s a great host. Don’t get what “the problem “ is for some people. (Though he should not have accepted the mispronounced “larynx” answer)

  27. Ken is ok but fairly new maybe he’ll get better. I’d really like to see Neil deGreseTyson, if we can’t get him to run for president!!

  28. My husband and I watch Jeopardy every night and really enjoy Ken as the host. He’s very knowledgeable and a pleasant personality. Having one host has given continuity to the show. Ken is getting more practice & polish. I’m not sure what the nay sayers problems are. Ken is 2nd best to Alex. No one can replace Alex, but how many years hosting did he have. No two
    personalities will be identical, but Ken is only getting better as the weeks go by. We really enjoy Ken and his expertise!!! Please don’t change our Jeopardy host. You picked a winner.

  29. Every time I start liking him, he says something that seems condescending or rude.. sometimes just brushing off contestants like they’re not important. and why doesn’t he get close to the contestants? especially now that covid is as gone as it’s ever going to be? Alex walked right up to them and chatted with them after the show. Ken acts like he’s afraid they will give him something!

  30. I find Ken rather snarkyand sometimes condescending, I admit. I am very fond of him, but Alex Trebek he is NOT. Frankly. I think John Michael Higgins would be a great fit. And unlike Ken. he has a big personality but zero snark.

    1. I loved Alex, but he could be snarky, too. He once made a young girl cry, and the scene had to be reshot because of it.

  31. I have tried but I really don’t like him as a host. He’s very quick to cut some contestants off in the midst of an answer at times. He also seems, IMO to want to insert himself into the show too much as opposed to just hosting it. And he’s just not a funny person, as much as he tries to be. It’s just my opinion, for what it’s worth. Still love the show but I preferred Mayim.

  32. I think Ken is doing a great job. Many people are still hanging on to Alex Trebec as the host. Ken is Ken NOT Alex Trebec.
    Move on people.

  33. Alex Trebek left big shoes to fill. Part of Alex’s charm was his self depreciating quality. With that said, I’m not a fan Ken Jennings. I think he is often condescending and rude. I think Jeopardy could have selected a better replacement.

  34. Alex Trebek left big shoes to fill. Part of Alex’s charm was his self depreciating quality. With that said, I’m not a fan Ken Jennings. I think he is often condescending and rude. I think Jeopardy could have selected a better replacement.

  35. Ken is BY FAR the best replacement for Alex. Nobody will ever “replace” Alex, nor should they try to be a clone. Ken thinks fast, is witty and makes watching Jeopardy enjoyable. Is he perfect? Nobody is, but he’s as close as we’re going to get!

  36. my held onto the podium as if for deal Life. She often hesitated between saying whether the answer was correct or wrong.

    Ken is great. He exhibits the right amount of personality as well as knowledgeable and lets the contestants be the show. If you remember, Alex always said I’m not the star of the show. I am the host of the show. That’s what Ken is and he’s great.

  37. I think Ken is doing a great job. People need to keep in mind that Alex, while greatly missed, was not perfect, no one is! Can’t think of anyone else I would want to see as host of Jeopardy. Certainly not Mayim who often seemed condescending. And in one of the comments above was a complaint that Ken doesn’t go up close to the contestants- well no one does since Covid. Just a new way of life post pandemic folks. Get real! Keep Ken!

  38. We watch Jeopardy every night and believe Ken is a wonderful host. He is personable and doing a great job! I don’t understand why anyone has an issue of any kind kind. i thought Mayam was awful!!!
    Please leave Jeopardy exactly like it is!!!Ll

  39. Ken Jennings is Alex Trebeks personal choice. He’s really great at it and these crybabies that want him replaced should just go away, as they couldn’t Eben do half the job he does!

  40. Please stop knit-picking everything Ken does. Grow up, get a life. He is doing a very professional and entertaining job.
    Best replacement for the Best!

  41. Originally I rooted for Mayim, because I really like her in other contexts. However, it seemed (to me) that she continued to be stiff in the Jeopardy role, long after her early appearances. At the same time, Ken grew on me. The one aspect of Ken’s hosting that I most admire is the positive – and even supporting – response he makes to just about every contestant after their “getting to know you” anecdote.

    I think Ken’s hosting is quite good. How can anyone compare him to Alex, after Alex’s lengthy tenure? Please keep Ken & let’s watch him establish his own legacy. Invite Mayim too, if that’s desired.

  42. We all loved Alex but unfortunately he’s no longer with us. They renamed the studio to honor him and Ken along with past contestants share stories about him. Ken was groomed by Alex. Many of his responses are identical to what Alex said. Like “Good”. Also keep in mind Ken had no background in television or broadcasting like Alex.
    Having Drew Carey as an advocate and mentor would be an excellent path. They’ll both benefit.
    Let Ken grow into the role. Give him a chance. No one’s perfect.

  43. I really like Ken Jennings a lot! I think he makes the perfect Jeopardy host! I think people are just too hard on him; and love to find something to complain about every single episode!! Nobody is Alex. Sadly he’s gone. I don’t think you could find anyone better than Ken. I can’t find a single fault with Ken’s hosting. Leave the poor guy alone, already, he’s doing a fantastic job!!!! Maybe people are jealous because they aren’t as intelligent as he is. I find him to be friendly and charming.

  44. I prefer Mayim. She is very professional and kind to the contestants. Ken has a tendency to be condescending. As a host he needs to be impartial but there are times he appears to either like or dislike a contestant and it shows with how quick he makes his ruling and how lenient he is with their answers . He does not have a poker face lol. I like Ken, he was my second choice but Mayim is better.

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