John Cena Announces Retirement From WWE, When?

John Cena

John Cena has had one of the most iconic careers in WWE history. According to the wrestler and actor, he recently announced his retirement from the career he loves. So, when will he officially hang it up for good?

John Cena Has Had An Iconic WWE Career

Over the last two decades, there have been a lot of memorable names in the WWE roster. While most wrestling fans consider the Attitude Era to be the golden age of WWE, Cena came in after that. Over the last two decades, John Cena was the face that helped things transition from the iconic Attitude Era to the more PG-friendly era.

Of course, even now, WWE fans call for a return to the more edgy, Attitude Era of the past. However, there’s no denying that Cena has carried the torch in the business for the last two decades, and, he has done a fine job of it, with numerous memorable matches to his credit.

The Rock and John Cena in WWE / YouTube

Cena Made The Transition To Becoming More Than Just A Top Wrestler

Like many who came before him, John Cena has proved over the last two decades that his talent can extend well beyond the ring. Just like The Rock and others who paved the way, John Cena has proven himself to be a capable actor as well, with numerous film titles to his name.

Some of his most notable roles include roles in films like Suicide Squad, as well as The Fast And The Furious saga. In this aspect, Cena has set himself up nicely for a life outside of the ring for when he finally decides to hang it up. Based on the latest updates, it seems that time is drawing near.

John Cena and The Rock in Fast and Furious franchise / YouTube

John Cena Will Officially Hang It Up, When?

The 47-year-old Cena announced his plans to retire at the recent Money in the Bank live event held in Toronto on July 6. According to Cena, he will have an official farewell tour in 2025, including participating in some of the year’s biggest events, such as the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and more.

Addressing a packed house in Toronto, Cena said: “Tonight, I announce my retirement from the WWE.”

Cena continued, adding: “I’ve been doing this a while. I’ve been in WWE for over two decades and in that time I’ve seen incredible waves of prosperity like we got right now. WWE is the hottest ticket in town, no doubt.”

John Cena and Jason Momoa | YouTube

John Cena officially signed with the WWE in 2001. Over the last two decades, he has notched some impressive accolades, including being a 16-time World Champion over the course of his career.

Even though he has wrestled on a part-time basis since 2018, with this announcement from him, 2025 will be a farewell tour for the ages, full of mixed emotions, as Mr. Money in the Bank will suit up for the final time.

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