Have ‘Love Island USA’ Bombshells Connor & Cassidy Found Love Together?

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Have Love Island USA bombshells, Connor Newsum and Cassidy Laudano found love together? They both were dumped off of the island but was that all for the best? Did their exit from the Villa lead to them finding their happy endings with each other? Keep reading for more details.

Have Love Island USA Bombshells Connor & Cassidy Found Love Together?

Season 6 of Love Island USA is well underway and there is no shortage of drama. The guys have headed to Casa Amor which tested their relationships at the Villa. This ruined two of the strongest romances and broke hearts, even those of the ones watching at home. Yet, some cast members never even got a chance at Casa Amor or to know what the risks were. Two of those people were bombshells, Connor Newsum and Cassidy Laudano. Connor joined the show on day 2 as a twist in the house when they needed more temptation.

Connor Newsum-YouTube
Connor Newsum-YouTube

He connected with JaNa but moved on with Leah. She felt the same way but still had feelings for her initial man, Rob. Though Leah tried to stay with Connor as long as she could, eventually he became single which led to his exit. As for Cassidy, she was a bombshell who entered on day 13 and connected with Rob. Unfortunately, she was not in the Villa long enough so when the girls had to decide between her and Liv, they chose the latter who’d been there since day 2. Now that both Connor and Cassidy are free from the Villa, is there love brewing?

Cassidy Laudano-YouTube
Cassidy Laudano-YouTube

According to Monsters & Critics, Connor shared that he and Cassidy have been chatting and it seems like it has been going quite well. He had this to say of his Love Island USA co-star:

“She got out and I was like, ‘Hey, so what’s up?’ We’ve been texting and, maybe, potentially making some life plans.”

Cassidy resides in Miami, Florida whereas Connor lives in Santa Monica, California but that does not appear to be a hindrance for either one of them. He went on to add that they definitely connected while inside the Villa:

“We had a lot in common. We had a few conversations that were just really easy and we work in the same career field. … We just had a lot of similar interests, love for animals.”

A Succesful Love Story

As of now, Connor Newsum and Cassidy Laudano may be the only success story to come from Love Island USA. Aaron Evans and Kaylor Martin were on a great path until he went to Casa Amor and ended up clicking with Daniela Ortiz-Rivera. Kaylor received a video of him wanting to kiss her and that was all she needed to see. Additionally, Serena Page and Kordell Beckham had a great connection but he left her for Daia McGhee from Casa Amor. There are officially no OG couples remaining so time will tell what the rest of this season will bring.

Are you happy that Connor and Cassidy found a connection even if it was after the fact? Let us know your thoughts and watch Love Island USA streaming on Peacock.

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