Is Freaky Michael Jackson Video Really Tom Sandoval?

Tom Sandoval-YouTube

Is a freaky Michael Jackson video really starring Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval? The restaurant and bar owner looked nothing like himself and onlookers questioned if it was him. So, what was the final verdict? Keep reading for more details.

Tom Sandoval has never been one to shy away from costumes or trying new looks. That was one thing that he indulged in whenever he would have a birthday party. More so, he would ensure he was the one who stood out if someone else had a theme to adhere to. For one birthday, he invested in stilts as part of his look. Even when he and his co-star/best friend, Tom Schwartz invested in Lisa Vanderpump’s TomTom, Sandoval spared no expense. He went out and got a motorcycle with a sidecar as well as matching outfits for the two of them.

Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss/Instagram
Tom Sandoval, Rachel Leviss-Instagram

As Vanderpump Rules fans have seen, he has also changed up his hair with colored extensions and is very dedicated to his white manicures. Plus, he makes the most out of any event and occasion but he has recently been performing again after coming home from filming The Traitors. Allegedly, he was just seen out dressed as Michael Jackson, singing with backup dancers. This was caught on film and fans were shocked at what they witnessed.

This was shared in a Reddit thread and the OP was stunned that this was Tom Sandoval. They actually had to ask and then noted how he had “really let himself go” by performing like that. Currently, Vanderpump Rules is on pause for Season 12 and a pickup date is unknown. Fans were unamused by this:

  • I literally thought it was Corey Feldman. 🤦
  • Whomever it is, please stop!
  • Omg what is this I’m scared
  • Billie Lee is not his lover
  • He now has backup dancers like SHEINa!

Then, the debate began that this was not Sandoval and the OP had it all wrong.

Not Sandoval

There were also a handful of followers were did not believe for one second that this Michael Jackson wannabe was Tom Sandoval. They felt it was an impersonator but no way that was Sandoval himself:

  • That’s not him
  • Great, the Daily Mail or someone is going to pick this up and Sandy is going to take alll the credit.
  • Tom is taller, I believe 🤔

Some joked that they saw this impersonator at various places while others just felt this was a way to mock Sandoval and how bad of a performer he is. Either way, it appears that the thread is torn over if it is or is not him. Do you think this is Tom Sandoval? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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