‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Sydney Errera Welcomes New Baby

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera

Farmer Wants A Wife cast member Sydney Errera has been living the dream with Mitchell Kolinsky since the pair decided to build a life together. Based on the latest updates, the happy Season 2 pair expanded their family recently. So, what do we know?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Mitchell Kolinsky And Sydney Errera Had Chemistry From The Start

It would not be a stretch to say that Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera had the most chemistry out of anyone in Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2. After all of the Season 1 couples split, viewers were counting on this batch of cast members to bring it home with some successful matches.

When it came to Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera, their spark was apparent from the very beginning of their journey. Even though Mitchell had other ladies on his farm besides Sydney Errera, many viewers saw this as a mere formality, as viewers were convinced early on that Mitch wouldn’t choose anyone other than Sydney in the end.

Mitchell Kolinsky & Sydney Errera - Farmer Wants A Wife
Mitchell Kolinsky & Sydney Errera – Farmer Wants A Wife

Fox Pair Building A Life In Tennessee

Of course, the one inevitable thing that all Farmer Wants A Wife couples have to navigate is the living situation. Because the farmers are, understandably, attached to their farms, this typically means that the women in this scenario have to relocate in order to be with their farmer.

Sydney Errera recently confirmed that she was in Tennessee with Mitchell Kolinsky, and they seem more than happy building a comfortable life together. In addition, whenever she feels the need to scratch that family itch, Sydney can always spend some time at home to catch up with her family and friends. So, in many ways, this is a win-win scenario for everyone.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera - Mitchell Kolinsky
Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera – Mitchell Kolinsky/Instagram

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera Welcomes New Baby With Mitchell Kolinsky

With Sydney Errera and Mitchell Kolinsky starting to put down some roots and build a life together, many Farmer Wants A Wife fans wonder when something like children will enter the picture. While there are no children just yet, Sydney did share an update welcoming the couple’s new fur baby into the family.

It turns out, Sydney Errera took to her Instagram story recently to show off her brand-new family member, an adorable chocolate pup. From the looks of it, the new family member is ready to accompany Sydney and Mitch on their next hunting trip, and will certainly join Mitch’s other dogs as part of the pack.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera
Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera

This is certainly a big step for both Sydney Errera and Mitchell Kolinsky. It’s a new family addition that will further cement the bond they have, as well as the life they are building together, and their many fans and followers love to see this from them.

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