‘Family Feud’ Distraught Steve Harvey Left Begging Player, Why?

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Family Feud is known to have some pretty wacky scenes, especially with Steve Harvey on the set. However, the host was recently left begging a contestant in segments. Why?

Family Feud: Viewers Never Quite Know What They’ll Get

Aside from Steve Harvey’s flashy suits and quick wit, one of the things that keeps viewers tuning in is the unpredictability factor of the family game show. This is especially true of late, particularly with Steve Harvey flying even more off the handle than he usually does.

Steve Harvey is a fan favorite, and some viewers tune in just to watch him run the ship. However, the top brass at the network are aware of the fact that he seems even more unhinged than he normally is. It could be that the 67-year-old is working himself too hard.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Viewers Shocked By Jaw-Dropping Question On The Show

Family Feud has been known for some pretty shocking survey questions, which often inspire equally wild answers. However, even by those standards, a recent survey question threw plenty of people for a loop, even host, Steve Harvey.

Reading from his cue cards, Steve Harvey said: “What might a dumb guy buy from a hardware store for a do-it-yourself vasectomy?”

Right out of the gate, this set the stage for some off-the-wall responses. One player came out firing with: “Screwdriver.”

Surprisingly, this wasn’t on the board. However, the other contestant came back with: “Scalpel,” which turned out to be the top answer under the category of “Knife/Blades.”

Even by Family Feud standards, this was a wild survey question. Viewers have blasted the program for becoming considerably more raunchy and lewd. However, in this instance, things got downright gruesome.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Family Feud: Steve Harvey Ended Up Pleading With Contestant, Why?

A Family Feud family in recent scenes brought out everything and the kitchen sink to answer this wacky and graphic survey question. Some of the answers that came up for this do-it-yourself vasectomy included a hammer to “strike them nuts.”

Other Family Feud responses included pliers, a watch, and even tape. By this point, even Steve Harvey was losing control of his marbles, as he begged one family member: “Please…please get this one.” Overall, this survey question turned out to be an unexpected twist for everyone.

This recent Family Feud situation is just one example of many recently where the show has gotten wilder. Of course, it’s exactly this level of unpredictability that keeps viewers tuning in. However, others believe it’s getting a little too crazy, and farther away from being a family-friendly show.

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