‘Deadliest Catch’ Are Wild Bill Wichrowski & Zack Larson Friendly?

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Wild Bill Wichrowski and his estranged son, Zack Larson worked together on Deadliest Catch. But, the two men had a lot of differences. Discovery Channel fans saw Zack hauled over the coals when he was the engineer. But, is he still on bad terms with his dad?

Why Did Zack Larson Fall Out With His Dad?

On the Discovery Channel, it became clear that father and son probably wouldn’t ever get along. If you don’t know, Zack was the son who lost his affection for his father when he abandoned him and his mom. Larson no longer reappears on Deadliest Catch, but fans are aware that Wild Bill is unwell with prostate cancer.

wild Bill Wichrowski
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In 2020, Deadliest Catch fans heard that Zack Larson captained another vessel. However, he wouldn’t return to the show. After he departed from his dad, he worked with Captain Sean Dwyer who did a lot to help him be a good fisherman. He moved away from crabs and worked on the F/V Elinore J with salmon and cod.

Zack Larson Became A Captain - Instagram
Zack Larson Became A Captain – Instagram

Season 20 will cover Wild Bill Wichrowski’s fight with prostate cancer, and viewers hope that if he doesn’t make it, at least he and his son made peace with each other.

Wild Bill Wichrowski & His Son Became Friendly?

Fans hoped that Wild Bill Wichrowski and his son would become friendlier, and it seemed possible in June 2019 that they had. It came when he shared an Instagram post about his dad where he thanked him for his help with fishing. And, his father sent his congrats when he became a captain.

Zack Larson fishing with Wild Bill - he was often in trouble - Discovery Channel - YouTube
Zack Larson fishing with Wild Bill – he was often in trouble – Discovery Channel – YouTube

According to Distractify, there’s not much evidence of friendliness on social media. However, Zack is married and his dad wished his wife a nice birthday in 2020. Additionally, Wild Bill Wichrowski’s son did mention previously that they were working on sorting out their differences.

The outlet noted:

Zack has been married since 2017, when the couple tied the knot in Mexico…And, since Zack is no longer on Deadliest Catch, we aren’t able to keep up as much with him, or how his relationship with his dad has progressed.

Do you hope that since 2019, Wild Bill Wichrowski and Zack Larson have gotten along much better? Perhaps the scary reality of cancer might calm the older man down. Cancer has a way of making people reflect on their lives, after all. However, it’s still likely that the older man of the sea will be gruff with his crew. Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Deadliest Catch news.

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  1. I love watching Wild Bill on deadliest catch. No nonsense man, doesn’t put up with BS. I send nothing but love and hope Wild Bill makes a miraculous recovery. 💙

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