Courtney Waldrop Freaks Over What Kids Brought Home

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Courtney Waldrop shares much information about her nine kids with Sweet Home Sextuplets fans. TLC viewers remember some tiny toddlers, the twins, and Saylor. But the toddlers are much bigger now and they enjoyed seeing their mom freak out about something they found.

TLC Alum Courtney Waldrop Has A Lovely Home

When Sweet Home Sextuplets ended, the family home that Eric renovated into a ranch-style house was not quite finished. Nowadays, there’s a baseball play area, huge lawns, a swimming pool, and stock pens where the kids sometimes help their dad with the cows.

The Waldrop Kids In The Swimming Pool - Courtney Waldrop - Instagram Stories (1)
The Waldrop Kids In The Swimming Pool – Courtney Waldrop – Instagram Stories

Courtney Waldrop makes life fun for Blu, Rawlings, Layke, Tag, Rayne, Rivers, Bridge, Wales, and Saylor. The family knows how to party hard. And, they play hard at team games. But this weekend, they played in the pool and discovered something that freaked out their mom.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Kids Terrorise Their Mom

On Instagram stories, Courtney Waldrop shared two reels of the children who found something that freaked her out. Interestingly, it was the girls who went up to her with some frogs. Then, the boys joined in because Courtney did not like them. Panicking, she shrieked and told them to take the critters away.

Courtney Waldrop said that her kids “love frogs,” but they “don’t get it” from her. She can’t stand them. Still, the TLC alum managed to calm down and ask the kids questions about them. They had found them “in the pool” and one of the children said that they were “babies.”

Of course, the sweet little kids grew up on a small farm property and they are used to baby calves and other animals. So, the birds and the bees are not unusual things for them to chat about.

In other news about the former Sweet Home Sextuplets stars, Saylor is now old enough to start learning how to drive. Nonetheless, he might have to fight his mom to leave their property. He also mended well after a broken nose last year, and he looks as handsome as ever.

eric - saylor waldrop instagram
Eric and Saylor Waldrop –  Instagram

Meanwhile, the twins are still devoted to baseball, and this year, they turned 12. They also enjoy football and basketball. The sextuplets all enjoy sports as well, and the girls don’t mind joining in at baseball. Two of them will start playing softball soon. Only Rayne isn’t all that interested in the game.

What are your thoughts about Courtney Waldrop first panicking over the frogs, but then calming down to ask questions? Do you like that she interacted with the kids about the slimy critters? Shout out in the comment below, and come back here often for all your Sweet Home Sextuples news. 

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