Arianne Zucker Lands New Gig After ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Exit

Arianne Zucker/Credit: 'Days of Our Lives' YouTube

Arianne Zucker was fired from Days of Our Lives in January. Her character’s last air date is this month but fans won’t have to wait long to see her on screen again. Keep reading for all the details on her latest project.

Nicole Walker’s Last Airdate Revealed

Nicole Walker came to Salem in 1998 with dreams of being a model. Instead, for the last 20+ years, the character has been through every twist and turn imaginable to soap fans.

In 2009, Nicole was involved in a baby switch storyline involving her nemesis, Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney.) After miscarrying, Nicole Walker stole Sami’s baby and passed it off as her own.

15 years later, the shoe is on the other foot. Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) stole Nicole’s baby and passed it off as her own. Nicole recently found out about the baby switch but not all of it. She will soon find out that Eric (Greg Vaughan) is the baby’s father, not EJ (Dan Feuerriegel.)

Credit: 'Days of Our Lives' YouTube
Credit: ‘Days of Our Lives’ YouTube

The storyline will serve as Nicole Walker’s exit from Salem, though details on how she leaves aren’t clear yet. Arianne Zucker did reveal that the soap isn’t killing Nicole off. According to the actress, her final airdate as Nicole is on Monday, July 29.

Arianne Zucker Lands New Gig After Days Of Our Lives Exit

It wasn’t Arianne Zucker’s choice to leave the soap she’s called home for over 25 years. She was let go in January. Her firing came after she filed a lawsuit against the soap and a former producer, alleging sexual harassment.

But she wasn’t unemployed long. She took to her Instagram earlier this week to share some exciting news. She landed a part in an upcoming movie called Memec.

The actress shared photos from the set and gushed about the opportunity in the Instagram caption. “I feel so fortunate to have played this delicious character! I could not have asked to be part of a better cast and crew! Thank you for making feel at home!”


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What’s The Movie About?

According to the film’s IMDb page, the film also stars Chris Parnell, Jason Marsden, and Hallmark staple, Kristoffer Polaha, who also directed the film.

The film’s synopsis describes the plot: “When a struggling impressionist and a contract for fame take center stage, the battle for a good man’s soul takes the spotlight.”

The film doesn’t have a release date yet but the Days of Our Lives alum is sure to share it once she knows.

Are you excited to see Arianne Zucker in a new role? Will you miss her on the daytime soap? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I think it is CRAPPY of the executives at Days for their treatment of Ari. She stood up for herself and the other women on that show. If something has been done about the scum, who harassed them in the first place, none of this would have happened! Shame on you!!!

    1. Absolutely Amen I think that Person that has caused all of this junk needs to be Fired & never allowed to return & I hope she has a big lawsuit against him

    2. This is Bullshit them firing her for standing up for herself and millions of other women. And yep they will regret letting her go I hope she Sue’s the Hell out of them…I’ve watched Days since I was a little girl…it was my Mom’s favorite show I’m 61 now and my mom has been gone for almost 30 years..yep she was 49 when she passed from Breast Cancer 🎀 if she was here she would b so ashamed at what’s going on with Days Not only did they fire a very Talented lady …they are getting rid of other great actors or actresses…What are the owners or producers doing??is Days on the brink of Ending??

  2. I was hopeful she would get something right away. No, I won’t miss her on DAYS because I have not watched it since it went to Peacock. I pay for cable now but not for long. I just can’t pay to watch Peacock. Especially since a lot of people aren’t even on there anymore. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the movie when it comes out.

  3. If I had followed DOOL on Peacock this would’ve made me turn it off for good. They’ve been taking this once great show and have pounded it down in the ground. I’m so disappointed in the writers!!!

  4. I can’t believe they had the audacity to fire her after they made the crew suffer such a toxic work environment for so long. Her only crime was fighting back. She will be greatly missed!

  5. Dool will not be the same without “Nicole”. She should never of been let go for standing up for herself shame on Dool

    1. i feel the same way it was a blessing to see Eric & Nicole & .baby Jude start to have a new beginning, we can only hope they start a new life together out of salem , we can only hope that how it. plays out,.but im sure ratings will drop , cause abe & kate are talking about making a soap opera due to body & soul being cancelled so that will prob cancel dool

  6. I will miss Nicole, she was not only an integral part of the show, but also related to Maggie by marriage, and Abe as he is the father of her brother. Once she finds out that Eric is the baby’s father, she will also be related to Marlena and Roman. So how are TIIC (the idiots in charge) going to handle all the dangling area? Holly where will she go? The Holly/Tate story (their running away together?). Eric’s response to finding out he is a dad. EJ being exposed??
    The program will be picking up the pieces for a long time.

  7. Totally bummed she was let go in retaliation of a claim against the soap. Im pretty sure thats is unlawful to do. I don’t know the details, but I’m really upset with days of our lives for doing that!!!! Been a loyal fan since 1985! She was a pleasure to watch and will be missed greatly!!! This is so unfortunate and irritating for fans!!! Ariana Zucker is a wonderful actress And I can’t wait to watch her and her new movie😎 ( I can’t help but want to “shame” days of our lives for doing that!!!!!)

    1. we want Nicole to stay on Dool ! The writers are a disgrace because She was assaulted and sued their asses and So they let her go ! Hell ! They need to be let go ! Miss you Nicole and Keep striving for success

  8. They should rehire Nicole. no one can
    replace her. She has an important role in Days. it will never be the same like the new Gabi who we think is not a good choice. There is no resemblance whatsoever

    1. Nicole needs to stay. She is a big part of the series and her and Eric need to show up as once again a couple with their son to raise together please don’t take Nicole or Eric out of this series they will be missed and they are a big part of this series.

  9. I am very disappointed in DOOL. Nicole is a great actress and she added a lot of value to the storyline. With her gone, it will be weaker than it is now. Not taking anything away from all the other great actors and actresses. The current poor quality of the story lands squarely on the writers. Have been toying with the idea of cutting the umbilical cord with DOOL. What happens the rest of the summer will help me decide. Ari Zucker I will watch Memec. You are too good not to keep getting work. Chin up!! You stood up for yourself and exposed perverts

  10. I have been watching Days of our lives when it was on regular TV once Days of our last wish to peacock I got the prescription just for that daytime soap opera I love Nicole I love everyone on that show but Nicole is just something special she has been through so much and I don’t think it’s fair that she was there because she spoke out about sexual harassment I wish they could find a way to forgive her and let her continue in the show that show she makes it she plays it so what’s going to happen to her daughter and how it’s to end up when she knows her son is hers and they take her off the show is she going to give the baby too Eric or some kind of way they’re going to bring them together. maybe there is a chance that Nicole can come back at least they didn’t kill her off the show she have left and come back before. I personally will miss Nicole 😞

  11. I’ve been watching DOOL for almost 50 years. She’s always been one of my favorite characters and I’m so sad they let her go. In my opinion, it’s a big mistake. The Soap opera already has gone through so many changes and I feel this might have a big impact on the audience retention. Hopefully, they will bring her back!

  12. they should put DOOL back on network tv.. it’s BS how executives got GREEDY. they forgot where they came from and forgot how to live within their means …. people don’t they the luxury of extra money like the executives do.. I’ve been watching DOOL for years and to pull this crap. it’s disgusting

  13. I am saddened by losing Arrianna. I have always loved her character Nicole and enjoyed the different antics and perils she has been through. Will most definitely miss her. Hope all goes well in her future and also congrats on upcoming nuptials.

  14. Please bring Nicole back. I have watched Days since the very beginning. My husband passed away Easter morning and it took me 3 months to catch up. Now you’re taking Nicole away! I was a newlywed when I started watching Days.

  15. You’re making a big mistake with all the soaps that are being canceled and then you go and get rid of a lot of the favorite characters that we, as the audience. like, you should not be Playing With Fire. And that’s all you’re doing.
    Just because she stood up for herself.You fire her that’s, wrongful termination against the law.

  16. I will not watch days anymore. she was my favorite character and it won’t be the same without Nicole and Eric. I have watched Dool over 50 years. I almost quit after it went to Peacock.

  17. I’m just sick! Isn’t sexual harassment illegal, and then firing her?! Just so wrong. Why would you let such an incredibly talented actress get away? Even when she stated she did not want to leave Day of Our Lives. She has been on the show for at least 26 years if she started in 1998. That’s a fantastic feat in the acting industry. It won’t be the same without this talented actress. I’m going to miss Nicole Walker, but I want to wish the actress Arianna Zicker the best of luck in her future endeavors, and I’ll miss you,

  18. Nicole needs to be put back on days They are all family to me been watching days for 45 years. A lot of them are leaving the show. guess I will stop watching when she leaves

  19. I really want Nicole and Eric to stay on DOOL. Its sad 😔 how they are letting them go. Arianna Zucker and Greg Vaughn I wish you both the best and pray that your endeavors are fulfilled to your fullest expectations.

  20. Her last day will be my last day watching the show. I’ll watch again if they bring back Sami and/or Nicole. Meantime, I’m cancelling my peacock subscription.

  21. Been watching Days since I was a child. I’ve seen alot of people come and go. I’m very glad Arianna stood up for herself. She is a fantastic actress. No one will ever play Nicole as well as she has.I remember when she fiest came on the show. Such great times watching her. I wish her all the best of luck on her next journey in life.

  22. UNBELIEVABLE! This show has gone to the dogs…. That’s it for me. Corday needs his arse kicked, he’s not unlike Trump. A laughing stock, and a huge embarrassment. Way to go Days. Cutting down your actors but by bit…. JUST cancel your show and be done with it.

  23. the show will not be the same.I have watched this for over 20 years a d I can’t believe how many actors they are letting go. It’d ashamed how they are doing this to many in the pot. please keep Nicole on the show and eric.

  24. I have watched days since it started. i love it. I read all these posts, yet after 50+ years Days is still on, unlike the other soaps. its a soap, so somethings we like, some we don’t. But thats ok, it’s STILL on. I enjoy it even if a situation i don’t like. I feel the writers have done a GREAT job! Keep up the good work!

  25. With all the strong women characters portrayed on Days of Our Lives, showing their evolving personalies over the decades, growing into and claiming their power, to now discover the female actors are subjected to a sickening version of “Life imitating Art imitating Life. There is an ongoing assault on women’s lives, freedoms and control over their own bodies. To suffer the indignity of sexual harassment behind the cameras on set at THIS show is frightening and appalling. The stench of hypocrisy numbs the senses. To the Executive producers who allowed this to happen: have you no shame? Have you no shame at all?

    1. It’s true Days has changed drastically and VERY politically! That said, I still watch it but I do fast forward past “SOME” of the political rainbow crap. I agree with everyone here that Ari leaving the show is WRONG! AND WHY can’t you get someone else to play Theresa and Nick? That wig of Theresa’s is hideous.

  26. Is someone replacing Nicole article no longer gonna be on it? SE j’s wife. You can’t just get rid of a Nicole. That she’s NE Jr. Greek on the show. Thank you I I think a j and nicola Make a great couple, not Eric and Nicole. I love Nicole on this show. Please bring back a different nickel. Don’t get rid of the character, which better be as good as the real Nicole?

  27. This is a big mistake. Ari will be missed. I watch on Peacock but not sure how long. Just watched Bill Hayes last show. Will probably watch show for his funeral because a large amount of the old cast will be back. After that I might say goodbye. The show is not the same & is loosing old viewers plus not picking up new viewership. Budget cuts & loss of cast will soon end this show. I would like to stay to the end. Corday had made a big mistake. This could be his end.

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