Where Is ‘American Idol’ Contestant William Hung Now?

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Many American Idol fans will remember William Hung from his infamous 2004 audition. He sang a cover of Rick Martin’s She Bangs and his performance went viral. Although he didn’t move forward in the competition, he was catapulted into stardom by his one-of-a-kind audition. Twenty years after fans first met William Hung on American Idol, many fans are wondering where he is. Continue reading to find out.

What Did William Hung Do After American Idol?

The aspiring singer went viral after his audition aired during American Idol Season 3. Born in Hong Kong, William Hung shared during his audition that he was trying out for the competition series for “the opportunity to sing to America.”

He continued, “I might not be the best singer around the world, but I know that I am singing from my heart.”

Following his audition, he went on to receive a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Northridge, and a master’s degree from Marist College.

American Idol William Hung - YouTube/ABC7

Although his bizarre performance on American Idol did make him famous, he pursued a different line of work. Now, William Hung works as a senior statistical analyst for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

He told People, “I like data, playing with numbers and computers, so it was something I enjoyed. There’s nothing wrong with having a steady job after fame.”

In addition to his regular day job, William does some motivational speaking about maintaining a positive mindset. He also has a Cameo platform where fans can pay him for personalized messages. Videos from the former Idol star start at $19 and he often performs his version of She Bangs for fans.

William Developed A Gambling Addiciton

William Hung got married in May 2023 to Hannah Du. It is his third marriage. Apparently, he has had struggles with gambling addiction in the past, which led to the end of his second marriage to Jian Teng.

Speaking about his addiction, William said, “Unfortunately, I developed a gambling addiction. I wasn’t supposed to do those things, but I did it anyway. And I paid for it. I got divorced, and I learned I had to be smart about which risks I chose to take.”

The identity of his first wife is unknown, but the pair were only married for 10 months before calling it quits.


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On his first anniversary with Hannah, the American Idol viral sensation said, “The best way to make happy memories is to create them with the people you love.”

He shared the milestone with fans on Instagram. The caption read, “Wow! I can’t believe today is my 1st wedding anniversary with Hannah! What an amazing first year we had together. I am so grateful to find her. We went through our ups and downs, but I am now ready to thrive together.”

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