Teresa Giudice Hints She’s Done With ‘RHONJ’?

Teresa Giudice/Credit: YouTube

Teresa Giudice hinting at quitting RHONJ has left fans wondering what’s next for the reality TV staple. Her potential exit would shake up the Jersey dynamics for good. Keep reading for all the details.

Fighting On Season 14 Of RHONJ Out Of Control

Almost all of the women from RHONJ are on the outs with each other on Season 14, and the season isn’t even over yet! Teresa Giudice has gotten into it with Margaret Josephs about Teresa’s marriage to Luis Ruelas.

Margaret claims that Luis used up all of Teresa’s money, an accusation Teresa strongly denied. In fact, she claimed her co-stars were going after her husband in an effort to hurt her.

Teresa Giudice/Credit: YouTube
Teresa Giudice/Credit: YouTube

A recent episode saw Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral get into a physical altercation. Fans are divided over who started it, but Danielle ended it by smashing a glass against Jennifer’s head. The two were briefly suspended during filming for their behavior.

However, the ladies of New Jersey didn’t seem to learn anything, as another confrontation allegedly happens later in the season. As a result, the women weren’t speaking and refused to film a reunion episode. But Bravo came up with another way to give fans the necessary closure.

Teresa Giudice Hints She’s Done With Bravo Show?

Teresa has had issues with her co-stars before. Actually, when hasn’t she? But she’s been open with fans through every part of her life, good or bad, from her time in prison to her divorce from Joe Giudice and her feud with her brother and his wife.

But does she draw the line at coming after her new husband and marriage? An insider spilled to Life & Style that Teresa is fed up with the drama. “She might not want to come back,” the source revealed.

This isn’t the first time Teresa Giudice threatened to quit the show. Bravolebs from different Housewives franchises often consider leaving but return for more, such as Kyle Richards from RHOBH.

Fans React To Possibility

As the OG of RHONJ, Teresa Giudice has an equal number of fans and haters. Some Bravo fans celebrated the news of her rumored departure in the comment section of the Life & Style article.

  • She could leave today and that wouldn’t be soon enough for me. She has over stayed her relatively.
  • The only reason she would leave is because she thinks she’s getting fired so this way she’ll say it was her idea!
  • I skip past her scenes, can’t stand her. She’s intellectually challenged and she’s ruined her family.
  • No great lost! Teresa is just an old mean girl! Concentrate on raising your girls to be good people!
  • I think she is a pathetic liar and I think she’s being scammed by her husband and now she’s got her daughter involved in everything, she needs to go and it should’ve happened long time ago

Do you think Teresa will leave RHONJ, or is she just bluffing? Sound off in the comments.

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