‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Admits To Being Careless With Women

Kody Brown - Sister Wives TLC

Sister Wives star Kody Brown made a lot of  TLC fans angry because of the way he treated his wives, Janelle, Christine, and Meri. As he admitted that he was “careless” with women, a lot of people felt that he never changed in all his days of married life.

Kody Brown Lost Three Out Of four Wives

When three women leave a man, it’s bound to raise some eyebrows in the polygamist community. Naturally, fans think that if someone better comes along, Kody might ditch Robyn. Or, whether she agrees or not, he might get a younger wife. In the book Becoming Sister Wives, he courted an underage woman. And that could easily happen again.

Kody and Robyn Brown, Sister Wives
Kody and Robyn Brown, Sister Wives

Kody Brown could also divorce Robyn because that would make splitting the assets of the three wives who left him easier. Of course, if that happened there could be more episodes of the show. If nothing else, TLC’s Sister Wives made sure that wives at least earned a decent income. This week, TLC fans are discussing Kody’s careless attitude toward women.

Sister Wives Star Admitted Carelessness

On Reddit, TLC fans discussed how Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown had been treated poorly. It came after an OP read the family book, Becoming Sister Wives. Each member of the family contributed to the book, and they wrote in the first person. So, the TLC viewer was able to directly quote the polygamist on his carelessness.

Kody Brown Discusses Financial Concerns - Sister Wives - TLC YouTube
Kody Brown and his four wives – Sister Wives – TLC – YouTube

Citing Kody Brown, the post’s caption said:

From the book Becoming Sister Wives…a quote from Kody.

“I’m a hopeless romantic and too easily infatuated. When I was growing up, I suffered all sorts of little heartbreaks. I had a careless dating style. I would dive into a relationship before considering my true feelings. Often I’d find myself holding a girl’s hand, then I’d look over at her and think: Why am I holding her hand? I don’t really like her.”

Good Lord man. You haven’t changed a bit.

In the comments, a lot of people seemed amazed by the attitude that the patriarch of the Brown family displayed. Here are some of their reactions.

  • That sounds like a dude following his impulses and letting his harmones (sic) lead him.
  • Except he went on to have 13 children with 3 women before realizing he didn’t love them. He’s a giant piece of sh-t. He screams about how he wasted so much time on Christine, how about all the decades these women wasted trying to satisfy a giant man baby who will never be satisfied no matter what.
  • He plays victim, but these ladies are the victims of his lies and, narcissistic behavior. He should have let them go the minute he realized he didn’t love them, way before Robyn and, stopped having kids with women he didn’t love. It’s repulsive and, he constantly makes himself the victim.

What are your thoughts about Kody Brown admitting he was always careless with women? Do you agree that he never changed over the years? Sound off in the comments below and come back here often for all your Sister Wives news.

James Michael

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  1. Kotex is the epitome of a Self Indulgent, Narcissistic, Misogynistic, Masochistic Man Baby.
    He treated Meri, Janelle and Christine with a total lack of respect, empathy, kindness and sympathy.
    He failed to honour the fact they were Mothers to his Children, Wives, Lovers & Friends. He treated them with contempt.
    He Failed Every Child he Fathered & also treated them with a Callous lack of Fatherly Love, Affection, Time & Care.

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