‘Sister Wives’ Did Kody Brown Get Paid For Promoting Flagstaff?

Kody Brown-YouTube

Sister Wives fans are questioning if Kody Brown was paid for promoting Flagstaff, Arizona. When he and his family moved there, they made it seem like it was heaven on Earth. Therefore, with all of the love they have for it, was there an incentive to say how amazing it is? Keep reading for more details.

Sister Wives Did Kody Brown Get Paid For Promoting Flagstaff?

When Kody Brown and his family escaped Utah and relocated to Las Vegas, they felt there was a legitimate reason. Polygamy was not accepted and the Browns were terrified Kody would get arrested and the family would be ripped apart. Therefore, Vegas was the safest bet for them. After several years of living and growing in Vegas, Kody felt it was time to up and leave again. Some members of the family did not want to go anywhere as Vegas had become home. Others were ready to head back to Utah and some were indifferent.

Kody Brown-YouTube
Kody Brown-YouTube

Flagstaff seemed to be number one on the list of places to move as Robyn Brown’s oldest son, Dayton was going to college there. The wives went with Kody to check out two parcels of land and both were so magical to them. Ultimately, polygamy was no longer a crime in Utah and Christine Brown Woolley has since moved back as has Meri Brown. Yet, with how much the Browns initially glorified Flagstaff, viewers are wondering if they received a kickback for moving there.

A Reddit thread was started to discuss this:

  •  it feels like some episodes could be edited down to a promo ad for Flagstaffdo you think TLC/Kody worked out a dill with the city to bring in extra $$$ for the show?

So, did other Sister Wives fans wonder the same thing? Or, did they think Kody Brown actually loved Flagstaff?

  • I do often wonder when the producer/creator that lives down the street decided to move in relation to the Browns.
  • Why the h*ll would a town want to be associated with that family?
  • Clearly they are promoting AZ is fine with polygamy.

Mixed Emotions

Some people did think that it was suspicious how everything worked out with Kody Brown and his family moving to Flagstaff. Even a Sister Wives producer moved near to Kody and Robyn which has raised a lot of red flags. It made fans question if that has helped him get a better edit on the show. At the same time, others think that there is no way Flagstaff paid the family a red cent to live there. More so, it would not want to be associated with that family and does just fine on its own with attracting tourists. They have the “Grand Canyon and AZ Snow Bowl Ski Resort” per one follower.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the move was made easier to make Flagstaff look as amazing as Kody and his family did? Or, did they just really like it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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