‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice & Luis Ruelas’ Shocking Net Worths

Teresa Giudice, Luis Ruelas-Instagram

What are RHONJ stars Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas’ shocking net worths? There has been a lot of chatter that Luis has been using Teresa and stealing her cash. Yet, she does all that she can to debunk these rumors. So, how much money does the couple have? Keep reading for more details.

RHONJ Teresa Giudice & Luis Ruelas’ Shocking Net Worths

Teresa Giudice has been on RHONJ since the beginning. Not only that but she has highly successful books and was on the spinoff, RHUGT. Recently, she was cast on House of Villains so she has kept herself very busy and the cash flow coming. This has helped since she owed $615,720.94 to the government as of 2023. Yet, when she fell in love with Luis Ruelas, no one knew all that much about him. More so, they did not want her to make the same mistake that she made when she was married to first husband, Joe Giudice.

Teresa Giudice, Luis Ruelas-Instagram
Teresa Giudice, Luis Ruelas-Instagram

It landed her behind bars and then he had to serve time before he had to leave the country. Their marriage ended so being with Luis, she had to be extra cautious. He has exhibited shady behavior, alleging that he had a PI investigate the entire cast. In the trailer for Season 14, the cast claims that Teresa is miserable and that Luis is draining her dry financially. Recently, Teresa disputed all of this and blamed co-star, Margaret Josephs for perpetuating the lie. Now, according to Monsters & Critics, the truth about their net worth is out.

Luis Ruelas is allegedly worth around $2 million, per Exactnetworth. This comes from over two decades in the digital response marketing industry. Yes, he started Digital Media Solutions but he is no longer on their roster of employees. He has said that he had to back off due to negative press but there could be more to it. Recently, he promoted Vinivia, a streaming platform. As for Teresa Giudice, she is worth $500K per Celebrity Net Worth, so her hubby is worth a decent amount more. More so, they do not have a prenup if their marriage goes up in flames.

Keep It Going

Teresa Giudice has maintained that Luis Ruelas paid for their $5 million home. Then, he put her name on it, as well. However, Luis recently took out a one-million-dollar loan leading many to believe that the couple is in way over their heads. Either way, it does appear that he needs her and RHONJ to stay relevant while she needs him for his bank account. At the same time, Teresa has name recognition so she’d likely be just fine on her own but his financial backing does not hurt.

Are you shocked at how much Luis is worth? Did you think Teresa would be worth more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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  1. I’m not shocked. But highly doubt Loui the rat has that much $.I’m hoping they Fire Teresa..Her act is getting old. she hasn’t changed her conniving ways since the very beginning of the real housewives of N.J..If she continues on the show..I will no longer watch..and trust me..it’s not only Me !

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