‘Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown Violated, What Happened?

Maddie Brown Brush, Evie-K - Instagram

Maddie Brown Brush lives in  North Carolina in a nice house with a garden big enough for an orchard and some hens. However, her property was violated and she needed some help from Sister Wives fans. Read on to see her problem and find out if you can help her out.

Maddie Brown Brush Loves Her Home & Gardens

TLC fans heard a few years ago, that Maddie and Caleb had purchased their own home. As time went by, she revealed a swimming pool and big gardens. So, she hoped to entertain the whole family at her place. Soon, the Sister Wives personality was collecting her own eggs, which her mom, Janelle Brown really enjoyed.

Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

Maddie Brown Brush, like her mom, really enjoys natural foods from the farmers market. However, she does have space for her own garden boxes. So, she plants healthy things there. This year, she planted some corn. However, tragedy struck on about the Fourth of July when the family entertained her mom.

Sister Wives Star Was Violated

Possibly, you already guessed that what was violated was Maddie’s vegetable patch. Maddie seldom appears on the Sister Wives show, but a lot of people like her because she shares about things like her family and her home. Something had gotten into the veggie patch and destroyed the corn. So, she turned to her TLC fans for help.

What violated Maddie Brown Brush's Corn - Instagram
What violated Maddie Brown Brush’s Corn? – Instagram

Maddie Brown Brush said in her caption on Instagram Stories:

Something destroyed the corn. I have no idea what could have donbe this. Any ideas?:…Maybe a raccoon?

Well, she might be into something. Of course, TLC fans can’t see the replies in Stories, but according to Almanac, raccoons do like corn. While they might nibble at it they also tend to break down the corn stalks or dig up the roots. The website noted:

if you have corn, there’s nothing more infuriating than finding stalks toppled and ears ripped open and half eaten.

That seems to be what happened in Maddie Brown Brush‘s garden. Fortunately, the website also carries some tips for getting rid of corn-eating raccoons. Firstly, you can trap them and relocate them. But, another way is to “try scattering blood meal around corn plants. Also, try sprinkling wood ashes around your plants.”

Another thing the Sister Wives star could try is grinding “garlic” and adding equal portions of “chili powder, and [spreading] it around the garden.” However, that might not be great with little kids playing around the garden.

What do you think violated Maddie Brown Brush’s corn garden? Do you think it was raccoons? Do you know good ways to keep the critters out? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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